ETCetera: Fin de Siècle (29 Sep – 3 Oct 2009)

 ETCetera  Fin de SiècleStudio    

29 Sept-3 Oct 2009 at 20.00 

ETCetera presents a multilingual evening of 3 European one-act comedies, from around 1900: The Bear by Chekhov (in English), Mañana de Sol by Alvarez Quintero (in Spanish) and  L’Anglais tel qu’on le parle by Tristan Bernard (in French ).   All 3 plays will have surtitles in the other 2 languages; fittingly, all humorously explore issues of communication.

Tickets: or 0492 641 660 

ETC: Absurd, absurd! (12-16 Oct ’10)

Absurd, absurd!

Absurd, absurd!
12th-16th October at 20.00.
Studio Theatre, rue Waelhem 69a, 1030 Brussels

ETCetera’s next multilingual production after “Fin de Siècle” in 2009 is an evening of 3 plays dedicated to classic writers of the Absurd movement: unreal and real at the same time, and very funny.

Pic-Nic, by Fernando Arrabal in Spanish, is set in the First World War trenches; Victoria Station, by Harold Pinter in English, is about a London minicab “dispatcher” and his driver; while La Cantatrice Chauve, by Eugène Ionesco in French, is set in the English suburbs in the 1950’s.

Each will have “surtitles” in the other 2 languages.

The plays are directed by 3 of Brussels’ most experienced directors (see over), and include some very established actors such as Eduardo Aladro-Vico, Martin Whitworth, Christine Marchand, and Brian Holland.