ETCetera: Music and Madness (21-24 OCT 2021)

L’Île de Tulipatan – opéra-bouffe de Jacques Offenbach, en français (surtitles in English): Deux adolescents arrivent à l’âge adulte avec une méconnaissance de leur sexe…


A pair of Lunatics – Victorian comedy by W R Walkes, in English (surtitres en français): Some guests arrive at a ball at the local asylum not knowing quite what to expect of their evening…

Director : Alexandre Diaconu, conductor: Gabriel Hollander

Théâtre à Plomb, rue de l’Abattoir 24, 1000 Bruxelles:

Tickets: €16; 5-9 tickets: €14; 10+ tickets: €12


Thursday 21st, Friday 22nd, Saturday 23rd Oct at 20:00

Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th Oct. Matinées at 15.00

With the Covid Safe Ticket you can fully enjoy this show. All guidelines are closely followed.
+32 (0)475 42 06 47

ITG: Augustus Does His Bit (30 Nov- 4 Dec)

A one-act verbal farce by Bernard Shaw. Directed for the ITG by Hugh Dow.

There’s a war on and Augustus, an upper-crusty if ever there was one, has to deal with Head Office, cunningly (?) counter (?) the advances of potential spies, while beleagured throughout by an insubordinate subordinate.

What could possibly go wrong?

Get your tickets now

Covid Safe Ticket Event: We are taking the following steps to increase your safety and ours:

This is a Covid Safe Ticket event. All attendees must be in possession of a valid Covid Safe Ticket or will be refused access.
We will reduce the number of seats by 25%
A CO2 meter will be monitoring air-quality, doors will be opened if required.
We request that you wear a face-mask during this short performance
We will limit the amount of time the audience is in the theatre (in and out within 60-70 minutes)
There will be no open bar before the show and there is no interval. We will offer you a ‘Welcome back to live theatre’ drink as you take your seat.

BLOC: The Addams Family (25-28 November 2021)

Music and Lyrics by Andrew Lippa, Book by Marshall Rickman and Rick Elice

Stage Director – Andrew Fisk, Music Director – Steven De Mesmaeker, Choreography – Jean Emmett

Buh da da dum (snap snap)… the favorite American family has landed in Brussels. Come and enjoy our comical modern musical embracing the crazy in every family. It tells an original story that is every parent’s nightmare: Wednesday Addams, the ultimate princess of darkness, has grown up and fallen in love with a sweet, smart young man from a “normal” family– a man her parents have never met. A ghoulish yet hilarious show fit for the whole family. Buy your tickets to see this ‘one normal night’ turn into chaos of ‘full disclosures’.

Thursday, 25 November 2021, 20:00
Friday, 26 November 2021, 20:00
Saturday, 27 November 2021, 14:00 & 20:00
Sunday, 28 November 2021, 14:00 & 20:00

at the Cultural Center in Auderghem

For more information and tickets, see the BLOC website.

ECC: After September (12 & 15-19 Mar 2022)

‘After September’ is a comedy by Jimmie Chinn, set in the early sixties the day before the new term is to begin at ‘The Gwendolen Kyte Boarding School for Girls’. However the staff are in for a terrible shock which tests their loyalties to each other, and to the school that is their safe haven as independent working women.

A witty comedy of character on the surface, but the date is significant: the very eve of those sweeping social changes the Sixties were to set in motion. An all-girl boarding school may seem a remote setting now, but it pinpoints the issue of women’s role – and expectations – in society.

Saturday 12th & Tuesday-Saturday 15th-19th, 8pm
Venue: Warehouse Studio Theatre, 69a Waelhemstraat, Schaerbeek
Tickets at 17 EUR from thelittleboxoffice.com/ecc/

ATC: Tiny Beautiful Things (24 March-2nd April 2022)

Based on the Book by Cheryl Strayed, adapted for the Stage by Nia Vardalos.
Directed by Carrie Ellwanger.

Based on real emails that real people sent to the online advice column “Dear Sugar” (penned by author Cheryl Strayed), Tiny Beautiful Things is not a narrative in the traditional sense but an emotional journey about drawing hope and healing out of loss, pain, and sorrow — and about creating real human connections in a virtual space.

In the words of Director Carrie Ellwanger: “I first read this script in 2019 and was immediately seduced by its deceptively simple, cathartic poetry. Two years into the pandemic, the script resonates even more. During those long months of isolation, virtual connections were all we had. Now, as we take our first tentative steps back into the wider world, this is the play we need: an opportunity to come together again, stare our collective pain in the face, and once more find the joy in tiny, beautiful things.”

From March 24 to 26 and March 29 to April 2 at the Warehouse Studio Theatre (rue Waelhem 69A). Doors open at 7:30 pm, show starts at 8:00 pm. Please note the Warehouse Theatre now has fully-operational Ventilation system and air-conditioning installed.

Tickets: https://www.billetweb.fr/tiny-beautiful-things

ITG: Fly me to the Moon (26-30 Apr 2022)

A real laugh-out-loud comedy from Marie Jones [A Night in November; Stones in his Pockets,…]


We meet two Social Service careworkers who have just called in to see Davy, one of their ‘clients’, as is their routine. But this morning things are starting out a bit differently from previous days.

Brilliant and refreshing despite the gritty subject matter, Fly Me to the Moon could be set anywhere they have old fellas, Frank Sinatra records and desperation.

The Covid Safe Ticket is no longer required.

We (ATC, ECC, ITG) have made a major investment in a state of the art VENTILATION SYSTEM to comply with changing regulations and to help us all feel safe. 


BSS: Summer Festival (1-11 June 2022)

BSS Summer Festival 2022 main production

The Brussels Shakespeare Society presents Macbeth as our main production (Dir. Steve Challens) plus three new short plays.

Macbeth dates:
1st-4th & 9th-11th at 8pm
4th & 11th of June, matinées at 2pm.

Macbeth will be performed with French surtitles.

In addition we present 3 new short plays on Shakespearian themes which were entered in our 2020-21 Playwriting competition.

Shortly To Go (Dir. Tim Myers), Yellow (Dir. Geoffrey Mamdani) & Will.I.am am I? (Dir. Guillem Chevalier)

Short Play Nights, 8pm:
Monday 6th of June, Will.I.am am I? and Yellow
Tuesday 7th of June, Yellow and Shortly To Go.
Wednesday 8th of June, Shortly To Go and Will.I.am am I?

All shows at Espace Lumen, Ch. de Boondael 36, Ixelles 1030.

Further info and Tickets available here.

BSS Festival Event Day(5 June 2022)

It is not all about watching! On the middle Sunday of the BSS Festival fortnight, there will be a fun ‘Event’ day at Espace Lumen from 12 am to 6 pm.

Besides a bar offering food, there will be a variety of events both for adults and children, including a ‘Shakespeare Miscast Competition’ – an opportunity for anyone to do a few lines from any Shakespeare play regardless of the character’s gender, age, etc in any style they please! for more details of that apply to:

Admission free for ticket-holders to Macbeth or the Short Play evenings or an option to buy a ticket on the door for any of those performances, or €5 per person on the door.

The 2019 Festival Sunday Party was great fun – and provided many laughs! Come along to this year’s and enjoy – or take part in! – the festivities.
Sunday June 5th, 12-6. Espace Lumen, Chaussée de Boondael 36 (very near Flagey)

BUTT Awards 2022 Results

The Butties 2022 – Nominees and Winners (in bold type)

There are certainly mistakes in the names – taken from all the programmes this season. Feel free to correct in the comments, if you need to!

Best Show

The Addams Family (BLOC, Nov 2021): 31%

Summer Festival (BSS, Jun 2022): 20%

After September (ECC, Mar 2022): 14%

Sleeping Beauty (ECC, Jan 2022): 13%

Fly Me to the Moon (ITG, Apr 2022): 12%

Best director

Fly Me to the Moon (ITG, Apr 2022): Csaba Bartos: 29%

The Addams Family (BLOC, Nov 2021): Andrew Fisk, Josephine Draycott, Steven De Mesmaeker: 21%

Sleeping Beauty (ECC, Jan 2022): Cath Howdle, Andrew Fisk: 14%

Summer Festival – Yellow (BSS, Jun 2022): Geoffrey Mamdani: 13%

The Pirates of Penzance (BLOC, May 2022): Angela Lowe, Tony Lowe, Lionel Bams: 12%

Best actor

Neale Mcdonald: 29%

John Baldwin: 24%

Thomas Landsbert-Noon: 19%

Caraigh McGregor: 17%

Geoffrey Mamdani: 6%

Best actress

Lyn Wainwright: 27%

Emily Bowles: 22%

Abi Greef: 18%

Emma Quaedvlieg: 13%

Robynn Colwell: 10%

Best production team

The Addams Family (BLOC, Nov 2021): Barbara Bauer, Alexander Just: 29%

Fly Me to the Moon (ITG, Apr 2022): Eileen Sutton: 22%

Summer Festival (BSS, Jun 2022): Patrick Stephenson: 20%

Sleeping Beauty (ECC, Jan 2022): Andy Fisk, Josephine Draycott, Hannah Riley, Kerry Lydon: 17%

After September (ECC, Mar 2022): France Calder: 8%

Best stage Management

The Addams Family (BLOC, Nov 2021): Marie Rousseaux: 29%

Fly Me to the Moon (ITG, Apr 2022): Eileen Sutton: 19%

After September (ECC, Mar 2022): Patrick Stephenson: 14%

Augustus Does His Bit (ITG, Nov 2021): Alice Perry: 14%

Someone Borrowed, Something New (ECC, May 2022): Andy Ing: 13%

Best set construction and design

After September (ECC, Mar 2022): Simon Smith, Andrew Johnson, France Calder, Catriona White, and co.: 41%

The Addams Family (BLOC, Nov 2021): John Hiley, Janet Gray, Alan Gray, Picabia Horn Gehrke, and co.: 29%

Sleeping Beauty (ECC, Jan 2022): Cat Harris: 12%

The Pirates of Penzance (BLOC, May 2022): Marie Rousseaux, John Hiley, Diana Gray, Oliver Wright, and co.: 7%

Fly Me to the Moon (ITG, Apr 2022): Lyn Wainwright, Simeon Holdship, William Mulhern, Andrew Johnson, and co.: 6%

Best lighting

The Addams Family (BLOC, Nov 2021): Chris Harding: 35%

Summer Festival (BSS, Jun 2022): Steve O’Byrne, John Brigg, Andrew Williams, Andrew Williams, and co.: 24%

After September (ECC, Mar 2022): Steve O’Byrne: 13%

Someone Borrowed, Something New (ECC, May 2022): Steve O’Byrne: 12%

Sleeping Beauty (ECC, Jan 2022): Andy Williams: 11%

Best sound

Sleeping Beauty (ECC, Jan 2022): Steve O’Byrne, Lexie Norman: 26%

Summer Festival (BSS, Jun 2022): Steve O’Byrne, Alex Diaconu, Esther Pozo Vera, Peter Muller: 22%

The Addams Family (BLOC, Nov 2021): Umberto Braun, Jeremy Thomas: 20%

The Pirates of Penzance (BLOC, May 2022): 17%

Music and Madness (ETC, Oct 2021): 8%

Best costumes

Summer Festival (BSS, Jun 2022): Sara Hammerton, Joanna Jack, Teresa Lopez Garcia, Mary Wiklander-Williams: 45%

The Addams Family (BLOC, Nov 2021): Ingvild Horn, Niki Marlow, Claire Thomas, Carla Ferreira, and co.: 32%

The Pirates of Penzance (BLOC, May 2022): Ingvild Horn: 10%

Sleeping Beauty (ECC, Jan 2022): Sara Hammerton, Sheila Hewitt, Fiona McGinnis, Kate Goddard: 5%

Best hair and make-up

The Addams Family (BLOC, Nov 2021): Françoise Salter, Filipa Ferraz, Laraine Alder, Alice Ferreira, and co.: 41%

Summer Festival (BSS, Jun 2022): Gemma Santasusanna Portella, Monica Toboiu, Nada Alkayat, Eva Bordes: 30%

Sleeping Beauty (ECC, Jan 2022): Andrew Budds: 9%

Music and Madness (ETC, Oct 2021): Elea Despinoy: 8%

After September (ECC, Mar 2022): 8%

Best props

The Addams Family (BLOC, Nov 2021): Cath Howdle, Bettina Kendip, Lawrence Kelly, Andrea Edwards, and co.: 29%

After September (ECC, Mar 2022): France Calder, Lyn Wainwright: 22%

Sleeping Beauty (ECC, Jan 2022): Cat Harris, Sandy Holderbach: 15%

Summer Festival (BSS, Jun 2022): Francis Calder, Stephen Challens, Sara Hammerton, Esther Pozo Vera, and co.: 13%

The Pirates of Penzance (BLOC, May 2022): Isabelle Deneyer, Chris Smith, Lawrence Kelly, Peter Mountain, and co.: 12%

Best publicity

The Addams Family (BLOC, Nov 2021): Eva Konrad-Just: 29%

Summer Festival (BSS, Jun 2022): Emily Bowles, CK Brown, Marianne Farrar-Hockley: 22%

The Pirates of Penzance (BLOC, May 2022): Eva Konrad-Just: 19%

Fly Me to the Moon (ITG, Apr 2022): 17%

Sleeping Beauty (ECC, Jan 2022): Hannah Riley, Kerry Lydon: 8%


Emma Quaedvlieg: 32%

Thomas Kaye: 29%

Matilda Lindell: 14%

Marc Fournier: 10%

Megan Graham: 8%

Alan Kenway Memorial Award for life-long service

Sue Botterell: 38%

Tim Myers: 19%

Tony Lowe: 17%

Boff Muir: 10%

Conrad Toft: 9%

Golden Butt for going above and beyond

Steve O’Byrne for keeping the lights burning and all the sets: 33%

Conrad Toft for stepping in at the last minute to replace Geoffrey Mamdani at FEATS: 28%

Andy Fisk for stepping in as the director of The Addams Family: 17%

Patrick Stephens for pulling it all together: 11%

Tim Myers for directing, fight training, programming, box-officing, giving notes all over the place: 6%