Brussels Shakespeare Society

Two Gentlemen of Verona (22-24 June ’07)

Two Gentlemen of Verona







By William Shakespeare

Directed by Annette Kelly


This delightful early Shakespearean comedy, his shortest play, is a barrel of laughs, introducing themes and ideas that Shakespeare would return to time and again. Come join the fun watching the characters become embroiled in an ever more confusing plot!


To be performed outside in the historic grounds

of Corroy-le-Château (near Gembloux)

Get directions on


There is wet weather provision.

The show goes on regardless!

Weather forecast available on


22nd June – 20h00

23rd June 15h00 and 20h00

24th June 20h00


Tickets: Eur 15

BSS Members, Groups of 10 and more, children 16 and under Eur 12

Children five and under free


Parking, bar, food available

Bring something to sit on and a picnic if you wish

No dogs will be allowed in the grounds of the château

Mary Stuart (BSS: 6-10 Nov 2007)

The Brussels Shakespeare Society presents 

Schiller’s MARY STUART

in a new English version from Peter Oswald directed by Diane Gray 

6th to 10th November 2007 at 8:00PM
matinee on 10th November at 3:00PM

at the Warehouse Studio Theatre,
Rue Waelhem 69A – 1030

Tickets: €13 or €11
(BSS members, Groups 10+ and under 16y/o)

Richard III (12-16 Feb ’08)

Richard III

The Brussels Shakespeare Society presents Richard III

Scarabaeus, Schaerbeek 12-16 February 2008

Following on from the successful Henrys of 2005, we skip to the downfall of the Plantagenets before ushering in the Tudor Age. Richard, Duke of Gloucester, enthrals and appals in equal measure as he plots and murders his Machiavellian way to the crown. Come and revel in his outrageous villainy before he finally gets what’s coming to him.

Tel: 0487 380 682

BSS: What Happened Here (20-21 June ’08)

The Brussels Shakespeare Society
cordially invites you to celebrate Midsummer
with the presentation of their 2008 FEATS Entry

“What Happened Here –
A Retelling of King Lear”

Friday 20 June & Saturday 21 June at 8pm

De Kam Cultural Centre, Beekstraat 172 -1970 Wezembeek-Oppem

followed by a buffet supper

Regular:  €20 – BSS Members:  €18

This is an original script by Stuart Delves, the author of “The Real Lady Macbeth”: FEATs winner 2006.  It tells the story of King Lear and his three daughters, with the parallel story of Gloucester and his sons, set in the year 2020 and with the ozone hanging on by a thread.  In the tradition of popular culture Lear decides to divide his kingdom on reality television.  The paths of love, betrayal, greed and power are considered, and human foolishness and the consequences of fatal flaws are exposed.
The BSS congratulates Caraigh McGregor on winning – for the third time in a row!! –
 the FEATS 2008 Blackie Award for Best Actor

in his role as Edmund in this production

BSS: Julius Caesar (9-14 Nov ’09)

  BSS     Julius Caesar
Studio  9-14 November 2009 at 8pm 

Shakespeare’s savage exposé of the effect of power upon its seekers has only been performed once in Brussels in the last 30 years.   This all-female production will not pontificate on gender politics: it will try to create a a slanted look at a great and quotable play. The cast has many fine actresses, so come along, do!  

BSS: A Chaste Maid in Cheapside (9-13 Feb ’10)

A Chaste Maid in Cheapside
A Chaste Maid in Cheapside
by Thomas Middleton
directed by Jonathon Sawdon
9-13 February 2010 at 8pm

Directed by Jonathon Sawdon, best known for his performances for the BSS as Hamlet and Henry V. Jonathon writes that this play is about:
“Corruption, money, sex! Deception, greed, gluttony, money, sex! Cruelty, infidelity, betrayal, money, sex! Pepentance, marnage, money and er…sex!
A Chaste Maid In Cheapside, containing “much humour though very little chastity” is Thomas Middleton’s darkly comic masterpiece. Written c. 1613, though long neglected until the 2Oth century, this Jacobean satire audaciously intertwines ribaldry and profanity to leave you laughing and squirming in equal measure.”

Join the BSS for a night of “bed and bawd”! 

BSS: King John (9-13 Nov ’10)

King John


The Brussels Shakespeare Society is pleased to announce its production of  William Shakespeare’s “King John”
Directed by Stephen Challens
9th to 13th November 2010 from 20h00
The Warehouse Studio Theatre
69a rue Waelhem, 1030 Brussels
One of Shakespeare’s least known and least performed plays, this is a sage of high politics.
A weak leader is yesterday’s news, yet pacts and coalitions are ever present…

BSS: With Tears… (3 Sept 2011)

‘With Tears Thou Keep’st Me Blind’


A voyage of love and passion through readings from the works of

William Shakespeare

Accompanied by songs of the period

Performed by members of The Brussels Shakespeare Society 

To be followed by an optional buffet supper

Corroy-le-Château, near Gembloux

Saturday 3 September 2011 at 19.30

Tickets: 10 €

Reservations: Please send an e-mail to stating your name, a contact telephone number and the quantity of tickets required.

Buffet tickets:  20 €


Buffet Reservations: please send an e-mail to stating your name, a contact telephone number and the number of

buffet tickets required.

This event will be held inside the castle and therefore space is limited to 100 places.  Book early to avoid disappointment!  Please note that tickets paid at the latest five days before the event will entitle you to a numbered seat.

For further details on the castle and its location go to:

BSS: The Tempest (29 Nov – 3 Dec 2011)





Nick  Roche

Prospero – former Duke of Milan

Brian  Holland

Antonio – brother and present Duke

Ignace  de Volder

Alonso – King of Naples

Stephen  Sadler

Sebastian – Alonso’s brother

Erik  Maes

Gonzalo – Alonso’s Councillor

Yorgos  Filippakis

Adrian – Junior Councillior

Joanna  Britton

Miranda – Prospero’s daughter

John  Baldwin

Ariel – Spirit in Prospero’s service

Letizia  Trunfio

Ariel – Spirit in Prospero’s service

Patrick  Stephenson

Caliban – Prospero’s servant

Noel  Griffin

Stephano – Alonso’s butler

Charif  Wehbe

Trinculo – Jester to Alonso’s court

James  Candon


Ruth  Ivory

Iris / Island Spirit

Ticki  Clark

Ceres / Island Spirit

Kate  Davies

Juno / Island Spirit

Mirco  Visconti

Island Spirit

David  Hansel

Island Spirit

Sabrina  Lambert

Island Spirit

Grace  Revill

Island Spirit

Holly  Wells

Island Spirit



Deborah  Griffith

Chair BSS

Jonanthan  Brenton

Patron BSS (UK Ambassador)

Isabelle  de Roover

Musical Director

Amandine  Folie


Angélique  Speelman


Jérôme  Swales


Clément  Vandekerckhove


Matilda  Zuliani


Tim  Myers


Marta  Felu-Sendra


Carsten  Koester


Barbara  Daw

Lighting Assistant

Harold  George


Carmen  Ortigosa

Hanging Stage-Cloths created by

Concepción  Ortigosa

Hanging Stage-Cloths created by

Isabel  Calder

Set Design

Tim  Myers

Set Design

Frances  Calder

Prospero’s Cell’ front cloth

Gaëlle  Brée

Ariel Costumes designed & made by

Gaëlle  Brée

Spirit Costumes to Gaëlle Brée design made by Mulieris asbl

Frances  Calder

Iris, Ceres, Juno Costumes

Marie-Claire  Mampuya

Iris, Ceres, Juno Costumes

Gaëlle  Brée

Iris, Ceres, Juno Costumes

Barbara  Campbell

Additional Costumes

Juan  Carlos Salazar

& ”Make Up For Ever”

David  Millar

Music Rehearsal Director

Philip  Deeks

Set Construction

Csabo  Bartos

Stage Manager

Roman  Quennery


Boff  Muir

Assistant Stage Manager

Tom  de With

Bronks Theater Technical Director



BSS: All’s Well that Ends Well (22-24 June 2012)



Sebastian Chrispen

Bertram, Count of Rossillion

Jonathan Goldsmith


Duncan Lumsden


Geoffrey Mamdani

King of France

Noel Griffen

First Lord Dumaine

Sam Thomas

Second Lord Dumaine

Yorgos Filippakis

Lavatch, clown

Neil Clark

Lord, soldier, gentleman, interpreter

Andrew Gilheany

Lord, soldier, gentleman

Francesco Nunez

Lord, soldier

Marcin Skurzak

Lord, soldier




Bess Brooks

Countess of Rossillion

Esther Pozo Vera


Saskia Van Nuffelen

Stewardess to the Countess

Simone Ellul

Widow Capilet of Florence

Lucy Hadley

Diana, daughter to Widow

Kate Healy

Mariana, neighbour of widow

Liz Merrill


Ann Smith

Stage Manager

Csaba Bartos

Assistant to the director

Boff Muir

Assistant Stage Manager

Jim McKenna


Meg Chang


Anastasia Gladushchenko

Set Dresser

Liz Merrill


Deborah Griffith


Montse Aramendia


Deborah Griffith


Graham Andrews


Michel Didier

Atwork and programme

Tim Myers

Box Office

Sue Botterell

Chateau Helpers

Dries Verbeke

Chateau Helpers

Agnes Andrews

Chateau Helpers

Martin Blackwell

Chateau Helpers

Nick Hartley

Chateau Helpers

Anna Holmén

Chateau Helpers

Tracie Ryan

Chateau Helpers

Charlie White

Chateau Helpers

Mimi Ryan White

Chateau Helpers

Sally Batten

Chateau Helpers

Carrie Ellwanger

Chateau Helpers

Geneva Griffith

Chateau Helpers

Hugo de Chassiron

Chateau Helpers

Catriona White

Chateau Helpers

Marion Tomkins

Chateau Helpers

Lindsay Macrae

Chateau Helpers

Joanna Jack

Chateau Helpers

Steve Challens

Chateau Helpers