ETC: An Evening with Strindberg (6-10 Nov 2012)

ETCetera asbl presents 

An evening with Strindberg
Warehouse Studio Theatre
6-10 November 2012 at 8pm
directed by Anna Holmén

 consisting of two plays:

“The Night of the Tribades”:*  a play about Strindberg by P.O. Enquist (performed in English, translation by Gunilla Anderman)
“Den starkare” (The Stronger): a short one act play by August Strindberg (performed in Swedish with English surtitles)

For bookings, please email, or call 0492 64 16 60 if you have any queries.
Tickets: €15; groups of 5+: €13;  groups of 10+: €11€; paid up members (please mention): 13€.

Per Olov Enquist’s first play, “The Night of the Tribades”, about Strindberg and his first wife Siri von Essen, became an international success. It is a play about a playwright rehearsing a play, “The Stronger”, inspired by his own life, and the layers of truth and fiction succeed each other.

“Det förefaller mig som om jag går i sömnen; som om liv och dikt blandats. Jag vet inte om [min pjäs] är en dikt, eller om mitt liv varit det.”
(”I have the feeling that I am sleepwalking, as if life and fiction have mixed. I do not know if my play, or if my life, was just a dream.”)
August Strindberg, 14th November 1887