BUTT Awards – 2009

Actor – KHALILI, Mehran [Othello, Othello] 

2nd= BALDWIN, John [Gerry, Dancing at Lughnasa; Sidney Hopcraft, Absurd Person Singular]
2nd=  FOXTON, Richard [Sir Jabez, Diana of Dobsons; Scrooge, Christmas Carol; Ronald Brewster-Wright,
Absurd Person Singular; Henry Gow, Fumed Oak – 100 Not Out]
2nd=  SPITERI, Marc [Hockstader, The Best Man]
2nd=  STEPHENSON, Patrick [Russell, The Best Man; Fred, Riverside Drive]

Actress – BARRY, Hilary [Diana Massingberd, Diana of Dobsons;
Marion Brewster-Wright, Absurd Person Singular;
Irene, The Dresser – 100 Not Out]
2nd FORSYTH, Alma [Miss Pringle, Diana of Dobsons; Alice, An Evening Shared with Friends;
Eva Jackson, Absurd Person Singular]
3rd ENGLAND, Ruth [Various, Oscar and the Pink Lady]
4th ELLWANGER, Carrie [Mabel Cantwell, The Best Man; Various,
The Complete Works of William Shakespear (Abridged)]

Alan Kenway Perserverance award –  Barbara BLACKWELL
2nd Paul & Di GRAY
4th Jim McKENNA

Audience Prize – An Evening Shared with Friends – three dotty aunts
2nd  Complete Works – Nick Plummer spitting
3rd= Dancing at Lughnasa – Dancing on table
3rd= Othello – Desdemona death scene

Best Show – Dancing at Lughnasa (ITG)
2nd= Absurd Person Singular (ECC)
2nd= Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Abridged (ATC)
2nd= Diana of Dobsons (ECC)
2nd= The Best Man (ATC)

Costumes – Diana of Dobsons [Iona Hamilton]
2nd  Love’s Labour’s Lost [Shelia Hewitt, Deborah Griffith, Catriona White]
3rd= Dancing at Lughnasa [Pat White]
3rd= Fiddler on the Roof [Barbara Campbell, Shelia Hewitt, Louise Lang, Sophie Mersch]
3rd= The Best Man [Iona Hamilton]

Director – Toft, Conrad  [Diana of Dobsons, 84 Charing Cross Road – 100 Not Out]
2nd Morton-Hooper-Deeks, Diana [Absurd Person Singular]
3rd Challens, Steve [Compleat Works, Delyria]
4th Ryan, Tracie [Othello]

Front of House / Box Office – FEATS 2009 (Carrie Caunce, Miram Cooper , Conrad Toft & team)
2nd Othello (Janet Middleton)
3rd Christmas Carol (Sally Gillard & team)
4th Dancing at Lughnasa (Catriona O’Neil)

Golden BUTT (for anything)  – Sue Botterell – for putting up with us all
2nd= FEATS 2009 organising team – for a fabulous FEATS
2nd= Conrad Toft  – for doing every job on or off stage
4th    Steve Challens – for unflagging energy

Lighting – Riverside Drive [Lyn Wainwright]
2nd= Dancing at Lughnasa [Carsten Koester]
2nd= Fiddler on the Roof [Jim McKenna, Richard Maddern]
2nd= The Best Man [Barbara Daw, Jim McKenna]

Make up and Hair – Diana of Dobsons [Agnes Andrews, Suzy Wild]
2nd Othello [Ruth Ivory, Tracie Ryan]
3rd The Best Man [Michelle Mildiner, Lisa Troch]
4th Fiddler on the Roof [Marion Bennett, Sarah Foley, Marjolein Gabel, Diane Gray, Paul Gray,
Amanda Hicks, Solveig Jaspert, Maria Scott, Sara Skaerlund]

Musical Moment – Fiddler on the Roof – the fiddler on the roof
2nd  Compleat Works – Moon song
3rd= Absurd Person Singular – Crazed dancing at end
3rd= Delyria – Enchanted forest

Newcomer award –  Kevin BULLED
2nd Hilary BARRY
3rd Robin JEZAK
4th Mehran KHALILI

Producer – CAUNCE, Carrie [Othello]
2nd   LYDON, Kerry [The Best Man]
3rd= MIDDLETON, Janet [Will and the Ghosts]
3rd= SUTTON, Eileen [Dancing at Lughnasa]

Props – Absurd Person Singular [Eileen Sutton]
2nd Dancing at Lughnasa [Hilary Barry]
3rd The Best Man [Rachel Holmes, Heidi Larsen]
4th Love’s Labour’s Lost [Andrea Theinert, Sherry Vosburgh]

Publicity & Design– Diana of Dobsons [Conrad Toft]
2nd Absurd Person Singular [John Baldwin, Diana M-H Deeks, Harriet Mancy-Barratt, Conrad Toft]
3rd Complete Works of Shakespeare [Conrad Toft]
4th The Best Man [Freddy Colson, Lilian Eilers]

Set design and/or construction – Absurd Person Singular [Philip Deeks, Marie Horner]
2nd Diana of Dobsons [Roger Axford, Philip Deeks, Sacha Medak-Versavel, Conrad Toft]
3rd Christmas Carol [Kevin Bulled, Steve Challens, Philip Deeks, Paul Gray,
Christine Marchand, Conrad Toft]
4th The Best Man [Ron Aston, Lucy Beaumont, Sue Botterell, Jackie Godfrey, Simeon Holdship,
Christine Marchand, Pat Robinson, Joe Tancredi, Andrea Theinert, Glenn Vaughan]

Sound – Fiddler on the Roof  [Jim McKenna, Richard Maddern]
2nd=  Absurd Person Singular [Malcolm Hiseman]
2nd=  Christmas Carol [Anna Sparre]
2nd=  Complete Works of William Shakespeare [Kevin Bulled & Malcolm Hiseman]
2nd=  Dancing at Lughnasa [Carsten Koester]
2nd=  Delyria [Steve Challens]
2nd=  The Best Man [Hywell Jones]

Stage Management  – BOTTERELL, Sue [Diana of Dobsons,
Absurd Person Singular, Loves Labours Lost (ASM)]
2nd HISEMAN, Malcolm [The Best Man, Othello (Joint SM)]
3rd ING, Andy [Complete Works Shakespeare, FEATS 2009]
4th KIRK, Martin [Diana of Dobsons (ASM), Othello (Joint SM)]
5th FEATS 2009 Stage Management Team (Andy Ing & team)

Teamwork – FEATS 2009 team
2nd  Othello
3rd   Diana of Dobsons
4th= Absurd Person Singular
4th= The Best Man
4th= Delyria

buttie 08-09 nominees

And the nominees are … 

With voting over and the final tally of all your votes completed (with no hanging chads I promise) here the shortlisted nominees for all twenty of the 2008-2009 BUTT awards in alphabetic order of award and then nominee.   One of these in each category will receive a shiny Buttie on Saturday!  See you there!

Actor – nominees (alphabetical order) 

BALDWIN, John [Gerry, Michael’s father, Dancing at Lughnasa; Sidney Hopcraft, Absurd  Person Singular]FOXTON, Richard [Sir Jabez Grinley, Diana of Dobsons; Scrooge, Christmas Carol; Ronald Brewster-Wright, Absurd Person Singular; Henry Gow, Fumed Oak – 100 Not Out] KHALLI, Mehran [Othello, A Christian Moor  & General of the Armies, Othello] SPITERI, Marc [Hockstader, The Best Man] STEPHENSON, Patrick [Russell, The Best Man; Fred, Riverside Drive] 

Actress – nominees (alphabetical order) 

BARRY, Hilary [Diana Massingberd, Diana of Dobsons; Marion Brewster-Wright, Absurd Person Singular; Irene, The Dresser – 100 Not Out] ELLWANGER, Carrie [Mabel Cantwell, The Best Man; Various, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Abridged] ENGLAND, Ruth [Various, Oscar and the Pink Lady] FORSYTH, Alma [Miss Pringle, Diana of Dobsons; Alice, An Evening Shared with Friends; Eva Jackson, Absurd Person Singular] 

Alan Kenway Perserverance award –  nominees (alphabetical order) 


Audience Prize – –  nominees (alphabetical order)

An Evening Shared with Friends – three dotty aunts Dancing at Lughnasa – Dancing on table Complete Works – Nick Plummer spitting Othello – Desdemona death scene

Best Show – nominees (alphabetical order) 

Absurd Person Singular (ECC)Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Abridged (ATC)Dancing at Lughnasa (ITG)Diana of Dobsons (ECC)The Best Man (ATC)

Costumes – nominees (alphabetical order of show) 

Dancing at Lughnasa [Pat White]Diana of Dobsons [Iona Hamilton] Fiddler on the Roof [Barbara Campbell, Shelia Hewitt, Louise Lang, Sophie Mersch]Love’s  Labour’s Lost [Shelia Hewitt, Deborah Griffith, Catriona White] The Best Man [Iona Hamilton] 

Director – nominees (alphabetical order)

Challens, Steve [Compleat Works, Delyria]Morton-Hooper-Deeks, Diana [Absurd Person Singular]Toft, Conrad  [Diana of Dobsons, 84 Charing Cross Road – 100 Not Out]Ryan, Tracie [Othello] 

Front of House / Box Office – nominees (alphabetical order of show) 

Christmas Carol (Sally Gillard & team)Dancing at Lughnasa (Catriona O’Neil)FEATS 2009 (Carrie Caunce, Miram Cooper & team)Othello (Janet Middleton)

Golden BUTT (for anything)  –  nominees (alphabetical order) 

Sue Botterell – for putting up with us all Steve Challens – for unflagging energy FEATS 2009 organising team – for a fabulous FEATS Conrad Toft  – for doing every job on or off stage 

Lighting– nominees (alphabetical order of show) 

Dancing at Lughnasa [Carsten Koester]Fiddler on the Roof [Jim McKenna, Richard Maddern] Riverside Drive [Lyn Wainwright] The Best Man [Barbara Daw, Jim McKenna]  

Make up and Hair – nominees (alphabetical order of show) 

Diana of Dobsons [Suzy Wild, Agnes Andrews]Fiddler on the Roof [Marion Bennett, Sarah Foley, Marjolein Gabel, Diane Gray, Paul Gray, Amanda Hicks, Solveig Jaspert, Maria Scott, Sara Skaerlund]Othello [Ruth Ivory, Tracie Ryan]The Best Man [Michelle Mildiner, Lisa Troch] 

Musical Moment – nominees (alphabetical order – new award this season) 

Absurd Person Singular – Crazed dancing at endCompleat Works – Moon songDelyria – Enchanted forestFiddler on the Roof – the fiddler on the roof 

Newcomer award –  nominees (alphabetical order) 

Hilary BARRY Kevin BULLED Robin JEZAK Mehran KHALLI 

Producer – nominees (alphabetical order) 

CAUNCE, Carrie [Othello] LYDON, Kerry [The Best Man] MIDDLETON, Janet [Will and the Ghosts]SUTTON, Eileen [Dancing at Lughnasa] 

Props– nominees (alphabetical order of show) 

Absurd Person Singular [Eileen Sutton] Dancing at Lughnasa [Hilary Barry] Love’s Labour’s Lost [Andrea Theinert, Sherry Vosburgh] The Best Man [Rachel Holmes, Heidi Larsen]  

Publicity Design– nominees (alphabetical order of show) 

Absurd Person Singular [John Baldwin, Diana M-H Deeks, Harriet Mancy-Barratt, Conrad Toft] Compleat Works of Shakespeare [Conrad Toft]Diana of Dobsons [Conrad Toft]The Best Man [Freddy Colson, Lilian Eilers,]

 Set design and/or construction –  nominees (alphabetical order of show) 

Absurd Person Singular [Philip Deeks, Marie Horner]Christmas Carol [Kevin Bulled, Steve Challens, Philip Deeks, Paul Gray, Christine Marchand, Conrad Toft]Diana of Dobsons [Roger Axford, Philip Deeks, Sacha Medak-Versavel, Conrad Toft]The Best Man [Ron Aston, Lucy Beaumont, Sue Botterell, Jackie Godfrey, Simeon Holdship, Christine Marchand, Pat Robinson, Joe Tancredi, Andrea Theinert, Glenn Vaughan]

Sound – nominees (alphabetical order of show) 

Absurd Person Singular [Malcolm Hiseman] Christmas Carol [Anna Sparre] Compleat Works of William Shakespeare [Kevin Bulled & Malcolm Hiseman] Dancing at Lughnasa [Carsten Koester]Delyria [Steve Challens] Fiddler on the Roof  [Richard Maddern]The Best Man [Hywell Jones]

Stage Management  – nominees (alphabetical order) 

Botterell, Sue [Diana of Dobsons, Absurd Person Singular & Loves Labours Lost (ASM)]Hiseman, Malcolm [The Best Man, Othello (Joint SM)] Ing, Andy [Compleat Works Shakespeare, FEATS 09]Kirk, Martin [Diana of Dobsons (ASM), Othello (Joint SM)] 

 Teamwork – nominees (alphabetical order) 

Absurd Person SingularDelyriaDiana of DobsonsFEATS 2009 teamOthelloThe Best Man

Adopt-A-Brick BBQ & Quiz

The Adopt-A-Brick Quiz will be taking place this Friday, 18 September, at 7.30pm at the Warehouse, Rue Waelhem 73, 1030 Schaerbeek.

It’s going to be a fun night out, with prizes, a bar, and a great atmosphere.
Teams of up to four people are invited to bring along their pens, paper and vast trivia knowledge to pit their wits against the best of Brussels!
To bring a team to join in the fun for just 10 euros each (40 euros per team), just fill in the online form here.


Hamlet Brick

It’s easy to have an idea, in this case “let’s have a BBQ/Fete as part of the Warehouse Fundraising Project”.  The reality only comes about because a lot of people put in a lot of work to make things happen.  Blannaid Naghten and Colma O’Luanaigh organised the day for us and many others baked, cooked, prepared food and donated prizes and saleable goods.  A donkey was drawn, a treasure map painted, a bottle stall wheel made, the buzz-buzz game created…  All we needed was great weather and for lots of people to turn up.

Well, we had both. The BBQers, drink sellers and small army of stall holders were kept busy all afternoon with about 150 people coming through the gates that afternoon.  Also, huge thanks to those who topped and tailed our day by setting up and clearing away.

The aim had been to bring together a group of people who were prepared to give time and money to a common cause, the Warehouse.  It ended up being far more than that, with people catching up with friends they hadn’t seen for a while, a chance to sit in the sun and eat together, have fun playing games and spend time browsing through books.

It was a lovely way to kick-start the campaign.

Thank you all!


Quiz results

Hamlet Brick

First of all: huge thanks to all who participated!

Secondly: megathanks to Graham Andrews and Conrad Toft for putting the questions together, helping with the organisation and being quiz masters on the night.

The team I was on, Clueless, suffered immensely due to me being, yes, mostly clueless. 

CONGRATULATIONS though to winners THE BARD’S BEST who led from the start.  Hats off to you! Thanks to the entry fee and sales of mugs and brownies, we raised approximately €580 for the Warehouse Project, which is pretty good going. We aim to hold another quiz night early next year, so watch this space! (I’ll aim to get more than 3 answers next time).

Once again – thanks!


BUTT Awards 2010 – Results

For each award the nominees are listed in alphabetical order, with the winner in bold type

Best Show 

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (BSS)
Oscar and the Lady in Pink (ATC / BATS)
Someone to Watch Over Me (ECC)
The Red Death (ECC)
Three Tall Women (ECC)

(Someone to Watch Over Me tied with A Midsummer Night’s Dream on votes received; audience present on the day selected a winner  by secret ballot)


Malinda COLEMAN  (The Cherry Orchard, Oscar and the Lady in Pink)
Róisín DORE (Four Samuel Becket plays – All That Fall, Breath, Play, Catastrophe)
Deborah GRIFFITH (A Midsummer Night’s Dream)
Janet MIDDLETON (Three Tall Women)
Caraigh MCGREGOR (The Yellow Wallpaper)


Noel GRIFFIN: Christy and Mr Barrell (All that Fall); Sir Oliver Kix (Chaste Maid in Cheapside); Demetrius (A Midsummer Night’s Dream)
Brian HARTNETT: Matthew (Come on Over)
Colum HATCHELL: Edward (Someone to Watch Over Me)
Tim MYERS:  Gayev (The Cherry Orchard); Philip (The Red Death); Bottom (A Midsummer Night’s Dream)


Ruth ENGLAND: (Oscar and the Lady in Pink)
Lyn WAINWRIGHT: ‘A’ (Three Tall Women)]
Ticky CLARK: Puck (A Midsummer Night’s Dream)


Carrie CAUNCE: The Red Death
Diane GRAY: Under Milk Wood
Eileen SUTTON: Four Samuel Becket plays – All That Fall, Breath, Play, Catastrophe
Catriona WHITE: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Stage Management

Sue BOTTERELL The Seven Year Itch, Three Tall Women, Under Milk Wood, A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Malcolm HISEMAN: Four Samuel Becket plays – All That Fall, Breath, Play, Catastrophe
Alice PERRY: Someone to Watch Over Me, Julius Caesar


Nick Heenan: Pirates of Penzance
Carrie Caunce: The Cherry Orchard
Glenn Vaughan: The Red Death
Carrie Caunce: Under Milk Wood


Four Samuel Becket plays (Carsten Koester & Róisín Dore)
Oscar and the Lady in Pink (Graham Duthie, Alma Forsyth & Róisín Dore)
The Red Death (Barbara Daw & Robin Jezek)
The Yellow Wallpaper (Carsten Koester)

Publicity Design

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (BSS)
Someone to Watch Over Me (Conrad Toft)
The Cherry Orchard (Sandra Lizioli, John Baldwin)
Three Tall Women (Janet Middleton, Róisín Dore)

Front of House / Box Office

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (FoH, Diana Deeks, Box Off Liz Merrill, Michel Didier)
Cafe Theatre (ATC)
Pirates of Penzance (FoH Heather Bathgate; Box Off Steve Stabler)
The Cherry Orchard (FoH Janet Middleton; Box Off Conrad Toft & Sally Gilland)


A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Andrea Theinert & Donatella Camminante)
The Cherry Orchard (Zsuzsanna Dákai)
The Red Death (Louise Nugent)


A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Sheila Hewitt)
The Cherry Orchard (Iona Hamilton & Mossy Roche)
The Red Death (Iona Hamilton)

Make up and Hair

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Ruth Ivory, Marta Feliu & Sina Naebkhil)
Four Samuel Becket plays (Lionel Brichette)
The Red Death (ECC)
Three Tall Women (Malinda Coleman

Set design and/or construction

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (BSS)
Four Samuel Becket plays (Róisín Dore, Malcolm Hiseman, Martin Kirk, Eileen Sutton & Christine Marchand)
The Cherry Orchard (Philip Deeks, Sue Botterell, Marie Horner, John Baldwin, Robert Coleman, Malinda Coleman & Eileen Sutton)
The Yellow Wallpaper (Caraigh McGregor)


A Midsummer Night’s Dream (BSS)
Four Samuel Becket plays (ITG)
The Red Death (ECC)

Alan Kenway Memorial award

Paul & Di GRAY



Audience Prize

Appearance of the urns in Beckett’s Play
Opening scene of ‘Sister of ‘(de Waazin) at FEATS
Ruth England’s one woman performance in Oscar & Lady in Pink
Sixties Dream set in 1969 (flower fight, Puck, Hermia’s heel, Pyramus and Thisbe)
Transformation of Studio in Yellow Wallpaper

Musical Moment

Pirates of Penance – (many moments inc. Model of a Modern Major General, foeman bears his steel)
Under Milk Wood – Bess Brooks performing Polly Garter’s song,
Broadway of Lerner and Lowe (chorus and Laura Marino singing The Night They Invented Champagne in Gigi)
The Yellow Wallpaper – ‘Poker Face’

Golden BUTT (for anything)

Sue Botterell for having the good sense to retire as warehouse manager to spend more time with her cats
Carrie Caunce and Malcolm Hiseman for daring to leave you’ll be missed
Martin Kirk for putting this all together and Rory in a vase
Caraigh MacGregor for pushing boundaries with the Yellow Wall Paper
Deborah Griffith for being and never losing her cool

Special award for best costume worn to the Buttie’s

Winner Zsuzsanna Dákai (co-presenter, mistress of ceremonies)
For medieval white dress in which she floated in Jim’s pool (also best Ophelia moment)

BUTT Awards 2011 – results




All My Sons (ATC, October 2010)

Macbeth (BSS, February 2011)

Private Fears in Public Places (ECC, February 2011)

The Beauty Queen of Leenane (ITG, March 2011)





Diana Morton-Hooper-Deeks

Liz Merrell

Stephen Challens

Tracie Ryan





Chris Flores

Jonathon Sawdon

Noel Griffin

Richard Foxon

Rory Spellman





Alma Forsyth

Deborah Griffith

Dóra Boytha

Linda Donnelly

Liz Ross

Poppy Bullock





All My Sons (ATC, October 2010): Kerry Lydon

King John (BSS, November 2010): Joanna Jack

Macbeth (BSS, February 2011): Deborah Griffith

Translations (ITG, November 2010): Eileen Sutton




Stage Manager

Anton in Show Business (ATC, January 2011): Sinead Meehan

Macbeth (BSS, February 2011): Martin Kirk

Private Fears in Public Places: Sue Botterell

The Beauty Queen of Leenane: Meg Chang, Sinéad Meehan

Translations (ITG, November 2010): Lyn Wainwright





All My Sons (ATC, October 2010): Justin Toland

Cards (BATS, May 2011): Andy Lambrechts

Macbeth (BSS, February 2011): Eamon McHugh

Popcorn (BATS, October 2010): Tijs Bonner

Private Fears in Public Places: Carsten Koester

The Beauty Queen of Leenane: Michel Didier





King John: Barbara Daw, Robin Jezek, Jim McKenna

Private Fears in Public Places: Carsten Koester and Roisin Dore

The Beauty Queen of Leenane: Carsten Koester

Translations (ITG, November 2010): Carsten Koester





King John: Anna Sparre, Deborah Griffith, Joanna Jack

Macbeth: Michel Didier, Deborah Griffith

Private Fears in Public Places: John Baldwin

Translations: John Baldwin




FoH & Box Office

Café theatre: Christine Marchand, Christopher Flores, John Stanton, Kerry Lydon and co.

King John: Alexandra Tomkins, Carrie Ellwanger, Deborah Griffith, Janet Middleton and co.

Macbeth: Sybil Beaton, Philip Deeks, Carrier Ellwanger, Marta Feliu and co.

Popcorn: Ian Bennett, Graham Duthie, and team

The Beauty Queen of Leenane: Alistair Sutton, Alma Forsyth, Barbara Campbell, Brian Harnett and co.

Translations: Sinead Meehan





King John (BSS, November 2010): Andrea Theinert

Macbeth (BSS, February 2011): Emma Cooke

Private Fears in Public Places: Andrea Theinert

The Beauty Queen of Leenane: Meg Chang





Golden BUTT

Paul and Di Gray for their years of dedication

Roisin Dore for unceasing energy

Sinead Meehan for all-round hard work

Tracie Ryan for Shakespearian direction




All My Sons (ATC, October 2010): Iona Hamilton

Robinson Crusoe: Anouk Van De Velde, Liz Van Dessel, Ils Van Roey

Macbeth (BSS, February 2011): Liz Buckley, Sheila Hewitt, Sarah Strange

Translations (ITG, November 2010): Barbara Campbell





Hair and Make-up

All My Sons (ATC, October 2010): Alexandra Helici

Macbeth (BSS, February 2011): Agnes Andrews, Francesca Bekhechi, Ruth Ivory, Tracie Ryan

The Beauty Queen of Leenane (ITG, March 2011)

Translations (ITG, November 2010): Malinda Coleman





King John: Stephen Challens, Joanna Jack

Private Fears in Public Places: Liam O’Luanaigh, Peter Mountain, Philip Deeks, Philip Deeks and team

The Beauty Queen of Leenane: Roisin Dore

Translations: Sue Botterell, Philip Deeks, Marie Horner, Louise Lang and team





Anton in Show Business (ATC, January 2011)

Macbeth (BSS, February 2011)

Private Fears in Public Places (ECC, February 2011)

The Beauty Queen of Leenane (ITG, March 2011)





Hurmayonne W. Morgan

Kathleen van Mol

Meg Chang

Rory Spellman

Sam Thomas




Kenway Award (perseverance)

Eileen Sutton

Hugh Dow

Martin Kirk

Paul & Di Gray

Vivi Roche




Audience Award

Multilingualism in Hamlet

Relationships in The Beauty Queen of Leenane

Sexy moments in Private Fears in Public Places

The Royal Variety Show

Translations for its absolute perfection




Musical Moment

Al the sound effects in Private Fears in Public Places

Gunshots and end credits in Popcorn

Kathleen van Mol in The Royal Variety Show

Threepenny Opera in general





The AGM of the American Theatre Company will take place on 7th September at 7pm at the Warehouse. All are welcome to attend.
The Agenda will be:
1. Approval of minutes of previous meeting
2. Review of Season 2010-2011
3. Financial Review
4. Election of New Board
Preview of Season 2011-2012

Lighting Workshop (CAST)

 Are You Interested in Learning More about Designing and Running Lights for Theatre Productions?

Experienced lighting designer and technician, Carsten Koester will host a Theatre Lighting Workshop on 2nd and 3rd June 2012 – ALL WELCOME, but spaces are limited!

The workshop will run for two full days (Saturday / Sunday), from 10am-5pm both days. People are encouraged to attend both days but can attend one day only, if they wish. 

Saturday will focus on technical aspects: Different types of lanterns, rigging, cabling, how to handle the lanterns, how to adjust/focus them, and how to use the lighting controller (desk).

Sunday will focus more on the creative/artistic aspects: Working with colours, how lighting from different angles creates different effects, and working through lighting cues in a theatre play.
If you are interested and want to book your place, or would like more information, mail Kerry Lydon at

BUTT Awards 2012 – results


Separate Tables (ECC, February 2012)

Amadeus (BATS, October 2011)

She Stoops to Conquer (ITG, March 2012)

Dinner with Friends (ATC, January 2012)

The Glass Menagerie (ATC, October 2011)



Liz Merrill

Diana Morton-Hooper

Catriona White

Robert Meyvisch



Duncan Lumsden (Parolles)

Tom De Beckker (Amadeus)

Glenn Vaughan (Antonio Salieri)

Michael Hales (Major Pollock)



Lyn Wainwright (Mrs. Railton-Bell)

Ruth England (Her)

Hilary Barry (Miss Hardcastle)

Carrie Ellwanger (Beth)

Saskia Van Nuffelen (Constanze Weber)



Amadeus (BATS, October 2011): Inge Hödl

All’s Well That Ends Well (BSS, June 2012): Deborah Griffith

She Stoops to Conquer (ITG, March 2012):
Linda Donnelly, Liz Merrill, Noel Griffin

The Glass Menagerie (ATC, October 2011): Marta Markowska


Stage Management

All’s Well That Ends Well (BSS, June 2012): Ann Smith

Dinner with Friends (ATC, January 2012): Giselle Maksoud

Amadeus (BATS, October 2011): Ilbige Cigdem Arik

Beckett (ETC, April 2012): Isabelle Baron, Colma O’Lunaigh



Amadeus (BATS, October 2011): Pol Van Rymenant

Separate Tables (ECC, February 2012): Carsten Koester

The Glass Menagerie (ATC, October 2011): Hywel Jones, Isabelle Baron, Hywel Jones

The Seafarer (ITG, November 2011): Eamon McHugh



Separate Tables (ECC, February 2012): Carsten Koester

The Glass Menagerie (ATC, October 2011):
Richard Maddern, Barbara Daw

Amadeus (BATS, October 2011): Sven Mazet

The Seafarer (ITG, November 2011):
Lyn Wainwright, Alma Forsyth



Separate Tables (ECC, February 2012): John Baldwin

Dinner with Friends (ATC, January 2012):
Dieter Quaghebeur, Kerry Lydon, Conrad Toft

She Stoops to Conquer (ITG, March 2012): Michel Didier

All’s Well That Ends Well (BSS, June 2012):
Deborah Griffith, Graham Andrews, Michel Didier


Box Office / Front of House

Dinner with Friends (ATC, January 2012): Christine Marchand, Kerry Lydon

Amadeus (BATS, October 2011): Jill Barnard, Jill Franks, Magda Lockefeer, Valerie Mott and co.

Separate Tables (ECC, February 2012): Conrad Toft

The Tempest (BSS, November 2011): Deborah Griffith, Catriona White



Separate Tables (ECC, February 2012): Andrea Theinert

She Stoops to Conquer (ITG, March 2012): Meg Chang

All’s Well That Ends Well (BSS, June 2012): Meg Chang

Dinner with Friends (ATC, January 2012):
Diana Merlusca, Jeremy Zeegers



She Stoops to Conquer (ITG, March 2012):
Mary Munroe, Montse Aramendia Periz

Amadeus (BATS, October 2011): Liz Van Dessel

All’s Well That Ends Well (BSS, June 2012):
Liz Merrill, Deborah Griffith

Beckett (ETC, April 2012): Catriona White



Separate Tables (ECC, February 2012): Agnes Andrews

She Stoops to Conquer (ITG, March 2012):
Montse Aramendia Periz

Amadeus (BATS, October 2011)

Dinner with Friends (ATC, January 2012): Alex Helici and team



She Stoops to Conquer (ITG, March 2012): Róisín Dore

Amadeus (BATS, October 2011): Ian Bennett and team

Beckett (ETC, April 2012): Liam O’Luanaigh

Cinderella in Monsterland (BATS, January 2012): Zena Waters

The Glass Menagerie (ATC, October 2011): Carrie Ellwanger



Amadeus (BATS, October 2011)

All’s Well That Ends Well (BSS, June 2012)

Dinner with Friends (ATC, January 2012)

Beckett (ETC, April 2012)

Families aren’t just for Christmas (ECC, December 2011)



Michael Motwani

Clemence Robin

Killian Kehoe

Holly Wells

Hugo de Chassiron

Robert Murphy



Diana Morton-Hooper Deeks

Alma Forsyth

Catriona White

Christine Marchand

Liz Van Dessel



Separate Tables – scene changes

death of Ben in a Dog’s life


Entrance of Dolly down the staircase

Opening tableau of Salome (ITG)

She Stoops to Conquer


Musical Moment

Hello Dolly

Contrasts – Madness songs

Diner with friends – soundtrack

The musical set changes in Separate Tables



Christine Marchand for CAST co-prop dedication

Too many other nominations to list!


BSS: Stage Combat Workshop (22-23 Sep 2012)

The Brussels Shakespeare Society is organising a stage combat workshop. Come and join us for two intensive days packed with swordfighting, unarmed combat and lots of fun! Learn the basics of this important theatrical skill!

The workshop will be held on Saturday and Sunday 22nd and 23rd September at the British School of Brussels in Tervuren. Leading this workshop will be experienced fight directors and master teachers from the British Academy of Stage and Screen Combat Philip d’Orleans and Roger Bartlett.

Previous experience not necessary and all ages welcome.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity, book now as places are limited. Price: €75 for non-members, €65 for members.

To book or for more information, send an e-mail to: 

Method acting workshop


Award Wining Director Robert Castle

June 11 – 22, 2012, in Brussels 
Sense memory exercises are the pillars of Lee Strasberg’s Method. Robert Castle has continued in the tradition of Strasberg and Peggy Feury in developing the actor’s effectiveness with his imagined experience exercises and his unique relaxation technique. Along with movement exercises and a new form of Affective Memory, these exercises form a regular training for the actor and are precious tools in acting truthfully on stage and in front of the camera. 
During the workshop, Robert Castle addresses various myths about the Method and helps you to layer your prior training onto it and his personally crafted techniques. His version of the Method is a very effective way to help you deepen your realistic acting, put away your inner judge and free your imagination. 
The goal will be to reach that zone where the actor is deeply connected and interacts effectively with the place, the circumstances of the play and the other characters, to the point where the acting becomes spontaneous and unconscious, and the character work daring and unique.


The morning starts with a full body relaxation relying on deep work in breathing. It continues with exercises of growing complexity, including sense memory and imagined experience. Every participant goes through the exercises at the same time, at their own level. There is no audience. 
The afternoon is dedicated to monologue and scene work. You will work on one monologue and one scene with a partner. The texts are chosen by Robert Castle according to the needs and desires you have expressed before the workshop and sent about one week prior. Though you will find Mr.Castle to be a very demanding director, the scenes are a ground of experimentation, free from result expectations.

Robert Castle

Robert Castle began his career as an actor, studying with Lee Strasberg and Peggy Feury and working with well-known artists such as Sean Penn, Jeff Goldblum and Jane Fonda. He taught at the State University of New York, UCLA and the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute before co-founding with Alejandra Orozco International Theatre New York. 
His technique, which integrates Stanislavski and Strasberg’s practices as well as personally developed exercises, has made him the most sought-after instructor at the Lee Strasberg Institute. He now travels and leads acting workshops and master classes all around the world, which have become very popular among the professional acting community. 
He is also a director and has won many awards including the Best Director and Best Play of the Year Awards in Brazil for his production The Diary of Anne Frank in 2010. The leading actor and actress were also nominated.

Practical information

Who: The workshop is open to actors and performers from other disciplines. Places are limited to 16. 
When: 10 days from June 11th to 22nd, Monday to Friday, 10am – 5pm 
Where: Carthago Delenda Est, rue Sylvain Denayer, 51 – 1070 Bruxelles 
Price : 870 € 
You will need to rehearse with your partner after the workshop hours and during the weekend. Please consider whether you have enough free time.
Questions and registration:
If you want to know more about the workshop visit our website: 

Theatre Summer School 2012

We’re now receiving a steady stream of bookings since we launched Theatre Summer School 2012. A choice of two fantastic courses to be held at the University of Wales, Newport – Caerleon Campus (South East Wales) from 12th – 18th August. Easily accessible from road, rail and air!
Competitively priced, a range of discounts and an Easier Payment Plan to help spread the cost.
This year’s choice of courses are…

Theatre Mezze with Ben Humphrey
A jam-packed course designed to take your knowledge and practice of theatre to a whole new level. Devising, acting, vocal-work, mask-work, physical theatre and text study will be woven into a week of intense and exciting work that will improve your theatrical stamina and dexterity.
Theatre Mezze is led by Ben Humphrey: Assoc Director of Worcester Repertory Company, Artistic Director of the Swan Youth Theatre and one of the country’s most popular GoDA adjudicators.
Approaching Shakespeare with the RSC
Join practitioners from the world-class Royal Shakespeare Company for a series of intensive workshops. Throughout the week you will work to explore and unlock the language of Shakespeare and bring the text to life. The course will continue to explore how one approaches staging a Shakespeare production.
Approaching Shakespeare will be led in three parts by RSC practitioners: Firstly, Voice practitioner Victoria Williams (recently worked on the 7 times Olivier winning Matilda) will be exploring voice and text. Following her, Anna Morrissey from the RSC Movement department will be working with attendees on physicalising the text and Helen Leblique (RSC Directing practitioner) will be closing the week by putting scenes together, implementing the techniques explored earlier in the week.
Both courses are suitable for both beginners and the more experienced.
Course fees range from £310 – £600*. Great value for a week of fantastic theatre training!
Discounts are also available if you are booking more than one place. Plus, if you would like to spread the payments through our Easier Payment Plan, contact Gary on +44 (0)29 2045 2200 or at
For the full course details see the Summer School page of our website.
*Full range of course fees is shown on the booking form which is downloadable from the DAW website. If you have problems accessing this information please contact Gary at the DAW office.
Please feel free to contact me, if you have any questions.
Gary Thomas
Cyd-gysylltydd Hyfforddiant a Gwyliau Drama, Cymdeithas Ddrama Cymru
Training and Festivals Co-ordinator, Drama Association of Wales
Swyddfa/Office: 029 2045 2200
Ffôn Symudol/Mobile: 07523 916 779

Producing Workshop (20 September 2012)

Would you like to become involved in the Brussels theatre community, but not necessarily on the stage?  Would you like to use your professional skills in a different area?  We are always looking for dedicated producers to help us put our shows together.  This FREE evening workshop will guide you through the steps necessary to produce for one of our shows.  If you are interested then we will attach you to an experienced producer to help them on a show.
When:  Thursday, 20th September 
Where:  The Warehouse, 69a, rue Walheam, 1030 Schaerbeek        
Time:  from 19:30
For more information contact Deborah Griffith on 0486 200330 or by e-mail

2013-2014 Season Launch (15 Sept 2013)

Launching the 2013/2014 season
Theatre Open Day
15 September 2013, 2pm – 8pm

The ATC , BSS, ECC and ITG are organising a joint “Theatre Open Day” on Sunday, 15 September at the Warehouse to launch the 2013/2012 season.

  • provide all our active group members an opportunity to socialise
  • show our regular audiences what happens backstage and what goes into producing a show
  • develop new interest in back stage roles
  • attract newcomers.

There will be performances throughout the afternoon and  short presentations on some of the skills needed to put on a show (makeup/stage management/stage combat/costumes/set painting).  Visitors will be able to wander around the rehearsal rooms and workshops,  where we will be displaying posters and photos of past productions to show off the best of our work.

  • Visit the INFO STANDS for details of up-coming productions,  and sign up to our e-mail lists.
  • Get involved – listen to the presentations, and chat to our representatives to find out more,
  • Enjoy  tea, coffee and soft drinks in our theatrical café,
  • Eat homemade sandwiches and cakes,
  • Celebrate – toast the new season with wine or beer.

Come along for an afternoon of fun and entertainment.  Bring family, friends, colleagues and neighbours.  Entrance is free.

For more info please contact:

Improv Sunday with Shawn Kinley (16 Mar 2014)

Improv Sunday with Shawn Kinley
March 16, 14.00, 10 euros per person

The Warehouse (Bar Room, not Studio)
73 Rue Waelhem, Schaerbeek

Shawn Kinley, Canadian improviser extraordinaire, will be focusing on technique and inspiration to set off fantastic improv scenes. Send me an email if you are interested in participating and I’ll reseve your slot!

Shawn travels the planet looking for people to play with. Sure, sure… the word, “PLAY” sounds unprofessional and childish but for 7-9 months of the year Shawn plays with businesses, arts groups, universities, sports groups and even the military. Shawn’s main work this day revolves around improvisation as a performer and workshop leader in more than 30 countries. His wide experience with mime, mask, physical theatre and street art resonates strongly in the way he improvises and teaches.

Gala poetry reading

Gala Event: The Story of Gitanjali

On Sunday 23 September, as the first part of the Brussels charity gala film premiere of his film version of Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore’s dance-drama Chitrangada, Obhi Chatterjee will be directing a one-hour show called The Story of Gitanjali to mark the 100th anniversary of the English Gitanjali. The show features thirteen poems from the collection of poetry which brought Tagore into the international spotlight and led to him winning the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1913.

Obhi is looking for actors to read these poems on stage (one poem per actor), interspersed with a narrator and live songs by Indian singers and musicians. English and French subtitles, as well as images related to the narrative, will be projected on a screen above the stage.

To highlight Tagore’s cross-cultural appeal and his integrationist philosophy, each poem will be read in a European language other than English. The actors/languages for which he already has actors on board or in mind are French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Hungarian, as well as possibly Polish and Slovak. If you are a native speaker and are interested in participating, please contact Obhi at . He has outlined the idea behind the show on his blog:

More information

The poems in the Gitanjali are numbered from 1 to 103. Obhi has posted links to the online versions of the Gitanjali he has found so far in his blog post (English, French, Spanish and Dutch). The poems in the script are numbers 44, 35, 18, 74, 49, 1, 63, 57, 15, 97, 56, 3 & 96 (in that order). You can choose which poem you would like to read, provided that it has been translated into your language (whether it is freely available online or as a book). Only the last poem has to be in English, to match the quotation which goes before it.

Practical details

Location: Gold Hall, Square Brussels (at the foot of the Mont des Arts, between the Old England and Brussels Central Station).

Dress: It will be a charity gala event and so each actor should wear either national costume or black tie/gala dress. The actors will be given a Tagore-style, batik ceremonial scarf to be draped over their shoulders during the performance.

Time involvement: the one-hour show will be from 8pm-9pm, preceded by a stage rehearsal from 4pm-6pm. Apart from the stage rehearsal with all the actors, singers and musicians, Obhi would like to meet each actor at least once in the coming weeks for an audition and to rehearse their cue individually.

Charity: 50% of any profits from the evening will be donated to Santiniketan Sishutirtha, an orphanage/school in Tagore’s home town which is run according to Tagore’s educational philosophy  ( For more details, see .

Reimbursement: either € 100 and a packed dinner for the actor, or two complimentary tickets including champagne and Indian dinner. Your choice.

Other: the live show will be filmed and relayed to audiences in other venues (possibly including museums, libraries and colleges in North America), as well as being recorded for future use. Performers will need to sign a standard performer consent form (see attached). The formal organiser of the event is Inner Eye Ltd, the UK company of Kaberi Chatterjee who stars in and produced Chitrangada and the other two films in the Tagore dance film trilogy.

Context: The Story of Gitanjali will be followed by a 20-minute interval, after which the world premiere of the film Chitrangada will be shown. Before The Story of Gitanjali and the film, there will be a welcome champagne and, ideally, an Indian ‘walking dinner’ in the foyer.

Return of the Butties!

Dear all,

Here is the latest state of play with the return of the Butties 2014!

Buttie Winner  Where is it?
Show A Dublin Bloom (ITG)  RETURNED!
Director Colma O’Luanaigh   RETURNED!
Actor Mark Belcher   RETURNED!
Actress Peyton Cimino   
Prod Calendar Girls (ECC): Eileen Sutton  Return arranged
SM A Dublin Bloom (ITG): Sue Botterell RETURNED!
Sound Basingstoke or Bust (BLOC): Steve Monnig  
Lights Basingstoke or Bust (BLOC): Chris Harding, Carsten Koester   RETURNED!
Publicity Calendar Girls (ECC): Róisín Dore, Conrad Toft & team  RETURNED!
Front of House Calendar Girls (ECC): Eileen Sutton  Return arranged
Props Arsenic and Old Lace (ATC): Meg Chang, Veronica Thomson  RETURNED!
Costumes The Importance of Being Earnest (ITG): Ilona Kish  RETURNED!
Make-up The Merchant of Venice (BSS): Mari Kriis & team  RETURNED! 
Set Arsenic and Old Lace (ATC): Murray Frick RETURNED! 
Team Basingstoke or Bust (BLOC) RETURNED! 
Newbie Sophie Thompson RETURNED!
Kenway Diana Morton-Hooper Deeks RETURNED!
Audience Award Beauty and The Beast (BLOC) – Crowd scenes  
Musical Antigone (ETC) – Greek Chorus  RETURNED!
Golden Butt Catriona White for her dedication and talent, particularly for BSS   RETURNED!

BUTT Awards 2015

The season is sadly over, but this is an ideal time to celebrate the season with the 8th Annual Brussels United Theatre Technicians (BUTT) awards for the best of Brussels and Antwerp English-language theatre.

The results of the 2014-2015 Butt awards are as follows (winner followed by nominations in vaguely alphabetical order):
Continue reading

ITG: Play reading – The London Vertigo (20 Jan 2016)

We are holding a play reading on Wednesday 20th January at 19:30 (for an 8pm start) at The Warehouse.
We will be reading Brian Friel’s one act play The London Vertigo which is our entry for FEATS 2016 (What is FEATS?). Come along to read and listen. All welcome.

We will be holding AUDITIONS for this play in the weeks following the reading…we’ll provide audition dates and times later (keep an eye on facebook and our website).

ITG: Play reading – The Cripple of Inishmaan (15 Mar 2016)

The ITG will host a play reading of Martin McDonagh’s The Cripple of Inishmaan on Tuesday 15th March at 20:00 (doors open from 19:30) at The Warehouse (73 rue de Waelhem, Schaerbeek)

Set on a remote island off the west coast of Ireland in 1934 this strange and comic tale coincides with the arrival of Hollywood director Robert O’Flaherty is on the neighbouring island of Inishmore to film Man of Aran.

You will be familiar with McDonagh’s work…we have previously produced The Beauty Queen of Lenane which is also from his pen.

You are welcome to come along whether you want to read a part yourself or just listen.

Green Parrot: Peter Pan (17-20 March 2016)


Peter Pan the Musical (17-20 March 2016) – W:Hall, Woluwe-Saint-Pierre

Can children really fly? Do fairies truly exist? Will the Lost Boys ever be found?

Find out in ‘Peter Pan the Musical’, based on the play by J.M. Barrie – the only show in Brussels with pixie dust!

Directed and choreographed by Kathy Lemerle and Jenny Clarkson, with musical director David Miller.

To book your tickets, visit and click on ‘Bookings’.

See you there, but beware pirates and crocodiles…!

BUTT Awards 2016 – Results

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners! A link to the photos will appear soon.

Best Show

Dick Whittington (ECC, Jan 2016)

Dinner before Death (ECC, Mar 2016)

Peter Pan (GP, Mar 2016)

The London Vertigo (ITG, May 2016)

The Wizard of Oz (BLOC, Feb 2016)


Dick Whittington (ECC, Jan 2016): Henri Colens

Dinner before Death (ECC, Mar 2016): Anna Holmén

Mrs Klein (ECC, Sep 2015): Kerry Lydon

Peter Pan (GP, Mar 2016): Annika Helgeson, Marv Helgeson

The Wizard of Oz (BLOC, Feb 2016): Martin Blackwell, Meera Laurijssen


Getting to Here (ITG, Apr 2016): Lisa Ni Laoire

Mrs Klein (ECC, Sep 2015): Jonathan Stockwell

Quietly (ITG, Nov 2015): Lyn Wainwright

Romeo and Juliet (BSS, Jan 2016): Stephen Challens

The Wizard of Oz (BLOC, Feb 2016): Bridget Peirson-Davis, Vivenne McKay

Stage Management

Mrs Klein (ECC, Sep 2015): Monic Lövström

Peter Pan (GP, Mar 2016): Kjeld Jensen, Peter Lemerle

The London Vertigo (ITG, May 2016): Róisin Dore

The Wizard of Oz (BLOC, Feb 2016): Lilian Horner, Erik Jensen, Kjeld Jensen, Marie Rousseaux, and co.

Three More Sleepless Nights (BATS, May 2016): Tim Lejeune


Brian Foley

Andrew McIlroy

Tim Myers

Benedict Noon

Yann Tixhon


Pat Butler

Libby Dix

Noreen Doyle

Esther Pozo Vera

Isabel Walsh


Dick Whittington (ECC, Jan 2016): Sheila Hewitt, Fiona McGinnis

Mrs Klein (ECC, Sep 2015): Iona Hamilton

Peter Pan (GP, Mar 2016): Rose Asure, Jenny Clarkson, Jenny Clarkson, Kristina Cunningham, Teresa Lopez, Matilda Ekehorn and co.

The London Vertigo (ITG, May 2016): Sheila Hewitt

The Wizard of Oz (BLOC, Feb 2016): Laraine Alder, Marianne Buekenhoudt, Margaret Cramer, Fiona Currie, and co.


Mrs Klein (ECC, Sep 2015): Conrad Toft

Peter Pan (GP, Mar 2016)

Quietly (ITG, Nov 2015): Liam O’Luanaigh

The London Vertigo (ITG, May 2016): Róisin Dore

The Wizard of Oz (BLOC, Feb 2016)


Dinner before Death (ECC, Mar 2016): Malinda Coleman, Conrad Toft, Lyn Wainwright

Mrs Klein (ECC, Sep 2015): Kerry Lydon, Megan Ryan, Lyn Wainwright

Peter Pan (GP, Mar 2016): Chris Harding, Andrew Williams

Romeo and Juliet (BSS, Jan 2016): Barbara Daw

The Wizard of Oz (BLOC, Feb 2016): Barbara Daws, Chris Harding


Dick Whittington (ECC, Jan 2016): Steve O’Byrne

Getting to Here (ITG, Apr 2016): Jason Glynn, Lisa Ni Laoire

Peter Pan (GP, Mar 2016): Peter Ellegeest

The Wizard of Oz (BLOC, Feb 2016): Jeremy Thomas, Micky Morris, Liz Murray, Steve Price

Wulf (BSS, May 2016): Mark Prescott

Make-up and hair

Mrs Klein (ECC, Sep 2015): Sylvie Pinson

Peter Pan (GP, Mar 2016): Laraine Alder, Svea Brain Jangen, Jennifer Cleal, Kristina Cunningham, and co.

The London Vertigo (ITG, May 2016): Agnes Andrews, Elizabeth Munklinde

The Wizard of Oz (BLOC, Feb 2016): Janet Gray, Francois Salter and co.

Wulf (BSS, May 2016)


Dick Whittington (ECC, Jan 2016): Boff Muir

Dinner before Death (ECC, Mar 2016): Robynn Colwell,
Sherry Vosburgh

Peter Pan (GP, Mar 2016)

Quietly (ITG, Nov 2015): Sineád Meehan

The Wizard of Oz (BLOC, Feb 2016): Alan Anderson, Rick Barfoot, Sue Barnacott, Lawrence Kelly, and co.


Dick Whittington (ECC, Jan 2016): Sara Hammerton, Hannah Riley

Getting to Here (ITG, Apr 2016): Meg Chang, Aoife Murphy

Mrs Klein (ECC, Sep 2015): Freddy Coulson, Lilian Eilers

Peter Pan (GP, Mar 2016): Dennis Landsbert-Noon, Jennifer
Landsbert-Noon, Saskia Landsbert-Noon, Lucas Steeno

The Wizard of Oz (BLOC, Feb 2016): Andrea Edwards, Paul Manterfield

Newbie – newcomer to Brussels Theatre

Alice Dielens (chorus in Wizard of Oz, Hope in Urinetown, Kitkat dancer in Cabaret)

Miles Gantney (Did an excellent job in Death of A Salesman, helped with set and singing coaching for and then stepped at last minute to play a leading role in Melancholy Play)

Jason Glynn (Sound Engineer on Getting to Here)

Richard Hampton (assistant stage manager and more besides in Dick Whittington, crew at FEATS)

Elisabeth Munklinde (Make-up at FEATS)

Kenway (lifetime contribution)

Barbara Blackwell (for more years in Brussels theatre than most of us have been alive!)

Barbara Daw (for the years of lighting up our productions for multiple groups)

Róisin Dore (14 years on CAST Committee, many as Treasurer, and a lot of things besides)

Dennis Elslander (Hon. Sec. of BLOC, party organiser, representative at funerals, bar manager, theatre & rehearsal booker)

Celia Perry (loyal member, performing and making hundreds of sausage rolls for BLOC
since the 1980s)

Golden Butt – for particular contribution this season

Lisa Armetta (for helping to get the Wizard of Oz set out of the American School during the November lockdown)

Carlos Carossán (for stepping in with days to go as an actor in Death Before Dinner)

Eileen Sutton and team (for hosting FEATS)

Bryony Ulyett (for throwing herself into many productions across the board)

Glenn Vaughan (Directed for main stage, then first-time lighting designer and worked for hours on sound for Melancholy Play)

BUTT Awards 2017

The votes have been counted and the awards awarded. The winners of the 2017 Butties are (followed by nominees):

Best Show

  • A Christmas Carol (BLOC, Nov 2016)
  • Cinderella (ECC, Jan 2017)
  • Henry IV (BSS, Jun 2017)
  • The Cripple of Inishmaan (ITG, Feb 2017)
  • The Crucible (ATC, Mar 2017)

Best Director

  • Henry IV (BSS, Jun 2017): Sven Delarivière
  • A Christmas Carol (BLOC, Nov 2016): Diana Morton-Hooper, Steven De Mesmaeker, Jeanette Marino
  • The Cripple of Inishmaan (ITG, Feb 2017): Noreen Doyle
  • The Government Inspector (ECC, Nov 2016): Anna Holmén
  • The Winter’s Tale (BSS, Jan 2017): Esther Pozo Vera

Best Actor

  • Tony Lowe
  • Benedict Landsbert-Noon
  • Brian Foley
  • Duncan Bakker-Lumsden
  • Jonathan Goldsmith

Best Actress

  • Rachel Cuff
  • Noreen Doyle
  • Rebecca Castermans
  • Roisin Dore
  • Sophie Thompson

Best Stage Management

  • Henry IV (BSS, Jun 2017): Stephen Challens
  • A Christmas Carol (BLOC, Nov 2016): Marie Rousseaux
  • A Wilde Night Out (ECC, May 2017): Meg Chang, Andy Ing
  • Cinderella (ECC, Jan 2017): Glenn Vaughan
  • The Government Inspector (ECC, Nov 2016): Monica Lövström

Best Set Design and Construction

  • A Christmas Carol (BLOC, Nov 2016): Philip Deeks, Janet Gray, Anna Schallenberg
  • HMS Pinafore (BLOC, Jun 2017): Philip Deeks, John Hiley, John Kenrick, Lilian Horner, and co.
  • Tartuffe (ATC, Sep 2016): Jeremy Zeegers, Chad Reynolds, Kimberly Balquis, Andrew Beckman, and co.
  • The Cripple of Inishmaan (ITG, Feb 2017): Roisin Dore, Kevin Brennan, William Mulhern, Simeon Holdship
  • The Crucible (ATC, Mar 2017): Peyton Cimino

Best Lighting

  • Henry IV (BSS, Jun 2017): Andrew Williams
  • A Christmas Carol (BLOC, Nov 2016): Chris Harding, Kjeld Jensen
  • Cinderella (ECC, Jan 2017): Barbara Daw, Ant McCarthy
  • The Crucible (ATC, Mar 2017): Andrew Williams
  • The Government Inspector (ECC, Nov 2016): Conrad Toft, Malinda Coleman

Best Sound

  • A Christmas Carol (BLOC, Nov 2016): Jeremy Thomas, Andy Fisk
  • Henry IV (BSS, Jun 2017): Kate Maveau
  • The Cripple of Inishmaan (ITG, Feb 2017): Genevieve Deering
  • The Crucible (ATC, Mar 2017): Tom Beardslee, Stephen Challens
  • The Winter’s Tale (BSS, Jan 2017): Francis Chapman

Best Costumes

  • Henry IV (BSS, Jun 2017): Mary Wiklander Williams
  • A Christmas Carol (BLOC, Nov 2016): Tonia Jolly, Niki Marlow
  • After Friel (ITG, Oct 2016): Sheila Hewitt
  • Cinderella (ECC, Jan 2017): Fiona McGinnis, Bryony Ulyett, Sheila Hewitt
  • HMS Pinafore (BLOC, Jun 2017): Tonia Jolly

Best Hair and Make-up

  • The Crucible (ATC, Mar 2017): Elisabeth Munklinde, Irene Del Castillo, Davina Craps, Mary Wiklander-Williams
  • A Christmas Carol (BLOC, Nov 2016): Janet Gray, Francoise Salter
  • A Wilde Night Out (ECC, May 2017): Jen Cleal, Annelore Ryan, Bryony Ulyett
  • Henry IV (BSS, Jun 2017): Elisabeth Munklinde, Irene Del Castillo, Elisabeth Andrews
  • The Winter’s Tale (BSS, Jan 2017): Tracie Ryan, Agnes Andrews

Best Props

  • Cinderella (ECC, Jan 2017): Louise Thompson & Richard Hampton
  • Henry IV (BSS, Jun 2017): Fiona McGinnis
  • HMS Pinafore (BLOC, Jun 2017): Isabelle Deneyer
  • The Cripple of Inishmaan (ITG, Feb 2017): Eileen Sutton
  • The Crucible (ATC, Mar 2017): Anna Holmén, Jeremy Zeegers, Meisoon Nasralla

Best Publicity and Design

  • Henry IV (BSS, Jun 2017): Sven DelaRiviere, James Drew, Kristina Kardum, Meabh Maguire
  • A Christmas Carol (BLOC, Nov 2016): Eva Konrad-Just
  • Cinderella (ECC, Jan 2017): Hannah Riley
  • Tartuffe (ATC, Sep 2016): Jeremy Zeegers, Carrie Ellwanger
  • The Crucible (ATC, Mar 2017): Julieta Tourne

Best Producer

  • A Christmas Carol (BLOC, Nov 2016): Meera Laurijssen, Martin Blackwell
  • After Friel (ITG, Oct 2016): Eileen Sutton, Sinéad Meehan
  • Cinderella (ECC, Jan 2017): Boff Muir
  • Henry IV (BSS, Jun 2017): Janet Middleton, Kate Maveau
  • Tartuffe (ATC, Sep 2016): Carrie Ellwanger

Best Newcomer

  • Sven Delarivière
  • Davina Craps
  • Emma Gormley
  • James Hogan
  • Jody Quirke

Golden Butt for Outstanding Achievement

  • Anna Holmén – for caring for the Warehouse
  • Janet Middleton – for always being there
  • Graham Vincent – for outstanding performances and work behind the scenes

Alan Kenway Memorial Award for Lifetime Achievement

  • Hugh Dow
  • Diana Morton-Hooper
  • Graham Andrews
  • The Late Peter Martin

ATC: Picasso At The Lapin Agile (30 Nov-9 Dec)

ATC presents:

‘Picasso At The Lapin Agile’ by Steve Martin

Directed by Jeremy Zeegers

30th of Nov, 1st, 2nd & 5th to 9th of December, 8pm


The Warehouse Studio Theatre, 69a Waelhemstraat, Schaerbeek.

Tickets available here (€15)


It’s 1904. Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso – both in their twenties, neither of them yet famous – spend an evening at a bar called the Lapin Agile in Montmartre, Paris.

When two of the most inspired minds of the 20th century meet by chance, sparks fly. But is it genius igniting or egos flaring when an artist and a scientist – each destined to revolutionize an era – square off and size each other up? Continue reading

BUTT Awards 2018

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (BSS)

Stephen Challens – Amadeus (ECC)

Joanna Jack – A Midsummer Night’s Dream (BSS)

Geoffrey Mamdani: Troilus (Troilus and Cressida, BSS); Theseus (A Midsummer Night’s Dream, BSS); Salieri (Amadeus, ECC)

Noreen Doyle: Woman (Woman and Scarecrow, ITG)

Stage Management:
Joanna Jack – A Midsummer Night’s Dream (BSS)

Set Design and Construction:
Richard Hampton and Team – Steel Magnolias (ATC)

Andrew Williams – A Midsummer Night’s Dream (BSS)

Sarah Janss – Troilus and Cressida (BSS)

Mary Wiklander Williams, Maralee Hull, Sheila Hewitt, Nicole Vangijsel – A Midsummer Night’s Dream (BSS)

Hair and Make-up:
Davina Craps, Bryony Ulyettt, Kathy Lemerle, Mary Wiklander-Mary Wiklander Williams, Tracie Ryan, Agnes Andrews – Steel Magnolias (ATC)

Erica Faller, Živa Černec – Steel Magnolias (ATC)

Publicity and Design:
Graham Andrews, Ariadne Kypriadi, Neale McDonald – A Midsummer Night’s Dream (BSS)

Best Newcomer:
Djavan van de Fliert

Golden Butt for Outstanding Achievement:
Robynn Colwell / Steve O’Byrne

Alan Kenway Memorial Award for Lifetime Achievement:
Tim Myers

Congratulations to all of the winners and many thanks to everyone (including the 1027 people actually credited in programmes) who helped make the 2017-2018 Theatre in English season – both in Brussels and beyond – such a roaring success.

ECC Youth Theatre Summer School

Youth Theatre
Summer School
(July 2023)

The ECC is organising two weeks of youth theatre summer school activities in July 2023, for children aged between 6 and 16 years old.

Week 1 will run from July 10-14 and Week 2 will run from July 17-20 (only 4 days because of the Belgian National Day on July 21st).

More details and the registration form can be found on the ECC website