BSS: Henry V (25-29 June, 2019)

A history play by William Shakespeare
Directed by Stephen Challens

Henry is king now. His days of mischief and hanging around with his roguish friends are over. He now carries the huge responsibility of leading his armies in a war against France and living up to his father’s memory.
It’s a whirlwind of emotions, strategy, distrust, hope and growth.

To top it off he even has to find time for love.

Part of the 1st Annual Shakespeare Summer Festival, come see this play in combination with ‘Mopsa and Dorcas Hit the Town’ / ‘Nadir Nachtmerrie’ and enjoy our Shake-your-Spear Sunday Social as a fun extra.

Venue: Balsamine Theatre, Avenue Félix Marchal / Felix Marchallaan 1, 1030 Schaerbeek
(Very close to Dailly)

googlemap of venue location

Tickets via
17 euros for single tickets, 15 euros for under 18s and groups (5+)