ECC Audition (27th June-12th July)

‘Rules For Living’

Life’s a game…but are we all playing by the same rules? The ECC’s November 2023 production will be the darkly comic ‘Rules for Living’ by Sam Holcroft, directed by Antonia Mochan.

We all have our own coping strategies, but what do we do when those rules we live by are out in the open? This play, set at a family Christmas, is Alan Ayckbourn for the therapy generation.

The production calls for 7 actors – 3 male and 4 female. Age ranges are specified, but malleable, as are accents. The main thing will be comic timing and an ability to play absurd with a straight bat.

Matthew – Thirties, boyfriend of Carrie.
Carrie – Thirties, girlfriend of Matthew.
Sheena – Forties, married to Adam.
Adam – Forties, married to Sheena.
Edith – Sixties, married to Francis, mother of Adam and Matthew.
Francis – Seventies, married to Edith, father of Adam and Matthew, almost mute and using a wheelchair.
Emma – Fourteen, daughter of Adam and Sheena, small speaking role.

Auditions will be held on:
27 June (19:30)
1 July (15:00)
12 July (19:30)

in the Warehouse.

Please pre-register via