ATC: The Glass Menagerie (18-22 Oct 2011)


The American Theatre Company presents 

The Glass Menagerie 

by Tennessee Williams


When you look at a beautiful piece of delicately spun glass, you think of two things: how beautiful it is and how easily it can be broken.”

Tennessee Williams’ classic play, The Glass Menagerie, has held audiences spellbound ever since it was first performed over 60 years ago, and is undoubtedly among the best American plays ever written. Williams invites us into the dream-world of a mother as she weaves a fantastical web of delicate memories and deceptions, while desperately trying to find a better life for her children.  For her daughter, the fragile fantasy world is all too easily shattered when the real world comes calling.  For her son, a better world can only come by escape from the stifling atmosphere at home.

“I didn’t go to the moon.  I went much farther.  For time is the longest distance between two places.”


The American Theatre Company is proud to present this American classic to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Tennessee Williams’ birth.  Starring Janet Wishnetsky, Chris Flores, Hugo de Chassiron and Clémence Robin and directed by Carrie Ellwanger.


October 18-22 at 8pm, Palais des Beaux Arts.





Chris  Flores

Tom Wingfield

Janet  Wishnetsky

Amanda Wingfield

Clémence  Robin

Laura Wingfield

Hugo  de Chassiron

Jim O’Connor




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President ATC

Lilian  Eilers

Vice President ATC

Christine  Marchand

Treasurer ATC

Frank  Billingsley

Secretary ATC

Carrie  Ellwanger

Artistic Director ATC

Adam  Brown

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Chris  Flores

Member-at-Large ATC

Marta  Markowska

Member-at-Large ATC

Michelle  van der Straaten

Member-at-Large ATC

Carrie  Ellwanger


Marta  Markowska


John  Stanton

Stage Manager

Andy  Ing

Assistant Stage Manager

Deborah  Griffith


Alexandra  Helici


Chantal  Nyandwi

Make-up & Hair

Marlène  Montheillet

Make-up & Hair

Richard  Maddern

Lighting Design

Barbara  Daw

Lighting Operator

Hywel  Jones

Sound Design

Isabelle  Baron

Sound Operator

Carrie  Ellwanger

Set Design

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