ITG Ulster American 17-21 Oct 2023

A new play by David Ireland

A London flat belonging to a successful but nervous theatre producer. He is entertaining a Hollywood Oscar winner, who is to grace his new play written by yet-to-arrive Ruth. 
They discuss women, politics, cinema and tee-totalism. The American, a proud Irish-American, glories in the Hibernian authenticity of the script and relishes meeting the writer. Rehearsals start tomorrow. There is a little tension between the producer and the actor, but nothing that can’t be managed.
Until, that is, Ruth turns up.

Ulster American toys with identity, gender, faux woke-ism, shallow national romanticism, and artisitic pretentiousness. And while that might sound very heavy, The Guardian (2019) said: “David Ireland’s heady black comedy, a satire as timely as it is riotous, (…) If Jacobean revenge tragedies were played as uproarious comedy, they’d look like this.”