BSS: King Charles III (24-28 Oct 2023)

The Brussels Shakespeare Society presents ‘King Charles III’ by Mike Bartlett.

Inspired by Shakespeare’s History Plays, in 2014 Mike Bartlett produced a modern day ‘imagined future’ about the current monarchy. Since it opens with the funeral of the late Queen Elizabeth, one might think real events have now overtaken Bartlett’s play, but not so…

Firstly, one soon realises just how prescient the playwright was about those real events, as Charles grapples with imposing his own personality and convictions on the institution he now heads. But also as the play develops – with a clash of principle with both Parliament and family – it builds a credible and steadily increasing tension, leading towards a finale one can easily believe might still happen.

Indeed, it is not fanciful to think it could have happened in very first few weeks of Charles’ reign – when Downing Street bluntly instructed him not to attend the COP27 Climate summit in Egypt, an issue so close to his heart…

First performed in 2014, ‘King Charles III’ garnered wide praise from the press.

Tuesday 24th to Saturday 28th of October 2023, at 20:00.
and Matinee on Saturday 28th at 14:30.

VENUE: Petit Théâtre Mercelis, Rue Mercelis, 13, 1050  Ixelles