BUTT Awards 2016 (9 July 2016)

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners! A link to the photos will appear soon.

Best Show

Dick Whittington (ECC, Jan 2016)

Dinner before Death (ECC, Mar 2016)

Peter Pan (GP, Mar 2016)

The London Vertigo (ITG, May 2016)

The Wizard of Oz (BLOC, Feb 2016)


Dick Whittington (ECC, Jan 2016): Henri Colens

Dinner before Death (ECC, Mar 2016): Anna Holmén

Mrs Klein (ECC, Sep 2015): Kerry Lydon

Peter Pan (GP, Mar 2016): Annika Helgeson, Marv Helgeson

The Wizard of Oz (BLOC, Feb 2016): Martin Blackwell, Meera Laurijssen


Getting to Here (ITG, Apr 2016): Lisa Ni Laoire

Mrs Klein (ECC, Sep 2015): Jonathan Stockwell

Quietly (ITG, Nov 2015): Lyn Wainwright

Romeo and Juliet (BSS, Jan 2016): Stephen Challens

The Wizard of Oz (BLOC, Feb 2016): Bridget Peirson-Davis, Vivenne McKay

Stage Management

Mrs Klein (ECC, Sep 2015): Monic Lövström

Peter Pan (GP, Mar 2016): Kjeld Jensen, Peter Lemerle

The London Vertigo (ITG, May 2016): Róisin Dore

The Wizard of Oz (BLOC, Feb 2016): Lilian Horner, Erik Jensen, Kjeld Jensen, Marie Rousseaux, and co.

Three More Sleepless Nights (BATS, May 2016): Tim Lejeune


Brian Foley

Andrew McIlroy

Tim Myers

Benedict Noon

Yann Tixhon


Pat Butler

Libby Dix

Noreen Doyle

Esther Pozo Vera

Isabel Walsh


Dick Whittington (ECC, Jan 2016): Sheila Hewitt, Fiona McGinnis

Mrs Klein (ECC, Sep 2015): Iona Hamilton

Peter Pan (GP, Mar 2016): Rose Asure, Jenny Clarkson, Jenny Clarkson, Kristina Cunningham, Teresa Lopez, Matilda Ekehorn and co.

The London Vertigo (ITG, May 2016): Sheila Hewitt

The Wizard of Oz (BLOC, Feb 2016): Laraine Alder, Marianne Buekenhoudt, Margaret Cramer, Fiona Currie, and co.


Mrs Klein (ECC, Sep 2015): Conrad Toft

Peter Pan (GP, Mar 2016)

Quietly (ITG, Nov 2015): Liam O’Luanaigh

The London Vertigo (ITG, May 2016): Róisin Dore

The Wizard of Oz (BLOC, Feb 2016)


Dinner before Death (ECC, Mar 2016): Malinda Coleman, Conrad Toft, Lyn Wainwright

Mrs Klein (ECC, Sep 2015): Kerry Lydon, Megan Ryan, Lyn Wainwright

Peter Pan (GP, Mar 2016): Chris Harding, Andrew Williams

Romeo and Juliet (BSS, Jan 2016): Barbara Daw

The Wizard of Oz (BLOC, Feb 2016): Barbara Daws, Chris Harding


Dick Whittington (ECC, Jan 2016): Steve O’Byrne

Getting to Here (ITG, Apr 2016): Jason Glynn, Lisa Ni Laoire

Peter Pan (GP, Mar 2016): Peter Ellegeest

The Wizard of Oz (BLOC, Feb 2016): Jeremy Thomas, Micky Morris, Liz Murray, Steve Price

Wulf (BSS, May 2016): Mark Prescott

Make-up and hair

Mrs Klein (ECC, Sep 2015): Sylvie Pinson

Peter Pan (GP, Mar 2016): Laraine Alder, Svea Brain Jangen, Jennifer Cleal, Kristina Cunningham, and co.

The London Vertigo (ITG, May 2016): Agnes Andrews, Elizabeth Munklinde

The Wizard of Oz (BLOC, Feb 2016): Janet Gray, Francois Salter and co.

Wulf (BSS, May 2016)


Dick Whittington (ECC, Jan 2016): Boff Muir

Dinner before Death (ECC, Mar 2016): Robynn Colwell,
Sherry Vosburgh

Peter Pan (GP, Mar 2016)

Quietly (ITG, Nov 2015): Sineád Meehan

The Wizard of Oz (BLOC, Feb 2016): Alan Anderson, Rick Barfoot, Sue Barnacott, Lawrence Kelly, and co.


Dick Whittington (ECC, Jan 2016): Sara Hammerton, Hannah Riley

Getting to Here (ITG, Apr 2016): Meg Chang, Aoife Murphy

Mrs Klein (ECC, Sep 2015): Freddy Coulson, Lilian Eilers

Peter Pan (GP, Mar 2016): Dennis Landsbert-Noon, Jennifer
Landsbert-Noon, Saskia Landsbert-Noon, Lucas Steeno

The Wizard of Oz (BLOC, Feb 2016): Andrea Edwards, Paul Manterfield

Newbie – newcomer to Brussels Theatre

Alice Dielens (chorus in Wizard of Oz, Hope in Urinetown, Kitkat dancer in Cabaret)

Miles Gantney (Did an excellent job in Death of A Salesman, helped with set and singing coaching for and then stepped at last minute to play a leading role in Melancholy Play)

Jason Glynn (Sound Engineer on Getting to Here)

Richard Hampton (assistant stage manager and more besides in Dick Whittington, crew at FEATS)

Elisabeth Munklinde (Make-up at FEATS)

Kenway (lifetime contribution)

Barbara Blackwell (for more years in Brussels theatre than most of us have been alive!)

Barbara Daw (for the years of lighting up our productions for multiple groups)

Róisin Dore (14 years on CAST Committee, many as Treasurer, and a lot of things besides)

Dennis Elslander (Hon. Sec. of BLOC, party organiser, representative at funerals, bar manager, theatre & rehearsal booker)

Celia Perry (loyal member, performing and making hundreds of sausage rolls for BLOC
since the 1980s)

Golden Butt – for particular contribution this season

Lisa Armetta (for helping to get the Wizard of Oz set out of the American School during the November lockdown)

Carlos Carossán (for stepping in with days to go as an actor in Death Before Dinner)

Eileen Sutton and team (for hosting FEATS)

Bryony Ulyett (for throwing herself into many productions across the board)

Glenn Vaughan (Directed for main stage, then first-time lighting designer and worked for hours on sound for Melancholy Play)