ITG: A Dublin Bloom (13-17 Nov 2012)

A Dublin Bloom
Scarabaeus Espace Théâtrale 
13-17 November 2012
At 8am on 16th June 1904, Leopold Bloom goes out in search of kidneys for breakfast and finds immortality. Joyce’s Ulysses captures the essence of Dublin, finding the stuff of myth in the everyday. Funny, ribald, intellectual and earthy, Bolger’s A Dublin Bloom recreates Joyce’s epic for the theatre.
There is a cast of 12 – Bloom, Molly, Stephen and young Stephen (boy) play themselves throughout while the many characters who people Bloom’s day are played by 4 actors and 4 actresses – each taking on a variety of different roles – all ages required.
The play will be directed by Colma O’Luanaigh and will run from Tuesday 13 to Saturday 17 of November in the Scarabaeus Espace Théâtrale in Schaerbeek.
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