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Warehouse Studio Theatre

The Warehouse in Schaerbeek is the beating heart of community theatre in Brussels, which has welcomed hundreds of people and projects over its 30 years of use. It now requires essential and long overdue updates. Without them, we fear the curtain will finally come down on this wonderful community project. Play Your Part is your chance to secure the future of the Warehouse for another 30 years. 

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ITG: Normal Conversations? (28 Feb-4 March 2023)

A double-bill of drama: Get Your Tickets


A short conversation between an elderly man and woman is set in a residential convalescent home. The pair share memories of their respective but separate lives in previous years.

Surreptitiously at first, the woman devises a plan for them to escape together but is foiled by circumstances from carrying it out.

This poignant play was the forerunner of a successful full length drama ‘Halcyon Days’ by the author Deidre Kinahan


Three women meet over a number of years, always in pairs, and between what is said and what is not said during their conversations lies the truth.

What, on the surface, appears to be simple gossip between old friends hides a deeper tension. They are haunted by their memories of what they once shared together but now no longer enjoy.

There is a cyclical element to the play where they find themselves having the same conversations with subtle differences during different pairings and they often ask the same questions as if hoping for a different response.

Several years pass between each conversation and the cyclical nature of the play is emphasised when, at the end, we suddenly return to the beginning of the first conversation. Only then do we realise that we had originally joined it halfway through.

This will be the second play that the ITG has chosen to perform written by the successful Irish author Mark O’Rowe having previously performed ‘ Our Few and Evil Days ‘ in 2019.

Both plays are set in Dublin in the recent past.  Both explore how we can all appear to communicate our stories honestly, but we often reveal our true selves only partially.  As a result, both plays offer universal insights and as many questions as answers as the characters develop.

Both plays are directed by Lyn Wainwright.

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Venue: Warehouse Studio Theatre, Rue Waelhem 69A, Schaerbeek 1030

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ATC: The Baltimore Waltz (16-25 Mar 2023)

The Baltimore Waltz by Paula Vogel, directed by Robynn Colwell.

In the wake of a distressing medical diagnosis, a brother and sister set off on a whirlwind tour of Europe. Seeking adventure and an experimental if dubious cure, Carl and Anna embark on a now-or-never trip into the throes of romance and mystery – and toward each other – for the kind of comfort and love only a sibling can offer.

Venue: The Warehouse Studio Theatre, Waelhemstraat 69, 1030 Schaerbeek.

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Post expires on Saturday March 25th, 2023