BUTT Awards 2015 – Voting is open until 22:00 on 1 July


The season is sadly over, but there is still one last event before we all vanish for the summer:

It’s time to vote for the 8th Annual Brussels United Theatre Technicians (BUTT) awards for the best of Brussels and Antwerp English-language theatre.

If you have appeared in or helped with a show during the 2014-2015 season, then you are eligible to vote and to attend the glamorous awards ceremony, which this year will take place in Tervuren (close to the 44 tram line) on Saturday, 4 July. Doors open at 15:00 and the first awards will be presented at 16:00. More details will be sent to those who wish to attend the ceremony closer to the date.

A few basic rules before you go and vote:

  • Voting is only open to those whose names appear in a programme during the 2014-2015 season
  • You can change your vote up until 22:00 CET on 1 July, after which the votes will be counted.
  • You are not expected to vote for yourself. Ever. Period. Such votes are automatically deleted (every year!).
  • Don’t just vote for your friends – vote for the shows that you’ve seen (or been involved with) that really stood out as being of exceptional quality – don’t just vote for the show you were in in every category unless it really was a life-changing experience for all involved!
  • Don’t forget that this is all for fun and to celebrate the season together. The votes are anonymous and the count is final.
  • Drop everything and come along to the ceremony if you can. It’s a great occasion to meet the great and the good from the theatre community.
  • We are using a new voting system this year so please forgive us if there are any technical hitches. We’ll try to resolve them as soon as possible. If you spot any mistakes, please let us know by email to butt-awards@theatreinbrussels.com.

Okay, have you taken all that on-board?

If so, go and vote: BUTT Awards Voting and Awards Ceremony Booking Form