ITG: Augustus Does His Bit (30 Nov- 4 Dec)

A one-act verbal farce by Bernard Shaw. Directed for the ITG by Hugh Dow.

There’s a war on and Augustus, an upper-crusty if ever there was one, has to deal with Head Office, cunningly (?) counter (?) the advances of potential spies, while beleagured throughout by an insubordinate subordinate.

What could possibly go wrong?

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This is a Covid Safe Ticket event. All attendees must be in possession of a valid Covid Safe Ticket or will be refused access.
We will reduce the number of seats by 25%
A CO2 meter will be monitoring air-quality, doors will be opened if required.
We request that you wear a face-mask during this short performance
We will limit the amount of time the audience is in the theatre (in and out within 60-70 minutes)
There will be no open bar before the show and there is no interval. We will offer you a ‘Welcome back to live theatre’ drink as you take your seat.