Return of the Butties!

Dear all,

Here is the latest state of play with the return of the Butties 2014!

Buttie Winner  Where is it?
Show A Dublin Bloom (ITG)  RETURNED!
Director Colma O’Luanaigh   RETURNED!
Actor Mark Belcher   RETURNED!
Actress Peyton Cimino   
Prod Calendar Girls (ECC): Eileen Sutton  Return arranged
SM A Dublin Bloom (ITG): Sue Botterell RETURNED!
Sound Basingstoke or Bust (BLOC): Steve Monnig  
Lights Basingstoke or Bust (BLOC): Chris Harding, Carsten Koester   RETURNED!
Publicity Calendar Girls (ECC): Róisín Dore, Conrad Toft & team  RETURNED!
Front of House Calendar Girls (ECC): Eileen Sutton  Return arranged
Props Arsenic and Old Lace (ATC): Meg Chang, Veronica Thomson  RETURNED!
Costumes The Importance of Being Earnest (ITG): Ilona Kish  RETURNED!
Make-up The Merchant of Venice (BSS): Mari Kriis & team  RETURNED! 
Set Arsenic and Old Lace (ATC): Murray Frick RETURNED! 
Team Basingstoke or Bust (BLOC) RETURNED! 
Newbie Sophie Thompson RETURNED!
Kenway Diana Morton-Hooper Deeks RETURNED!
Audience Award Beauty and The Beast (BLOC) – Crowd scenes  
Musical Antigone (ETC) – Greek Chorus  RETURNED!
Golden Butt Catriona White for her dedication and talent, particularly for BSS   RETURNED!