Method acting workshop


Award Wining Director Robert Castle

June 11 – 22, 2012, in Brussels 
Sense memory exercises are the pillars of Lee Strasberg’s Method. Robert Castle has continued in the tradition of Strasberg and Peggy Feury in developing the actor’s effectiveness with his imagined experience exercises and his unique relaxation technique. Along with movement exercises and a new form of Affective Memory, these exercises form a regular training for the actor and are precious tools in acting truthfully on stage and in front of the camera. 
During the workshop, Robert Castle addresses various myths about the Method and helps you to layer your prior training onto it and his personally crafted techniques. His version of the Method is a very effective way to help you deepen your realistic acting, put away your inner judge and free your imagination. 
The goal will be to reach that zone where the actor is deeply connected and interacts effectively with the place, the circumstances of the play and the other characters, to the point where the acting becomes spontaneous and unconscious, and the character work daring and unique.


The morning starts with a full body relaxation relying on deep work in breathing. It continues with exercises of growing complexity, including sense memory and imagined experience. Every participant goes through the exercises at the same time, at their own level. There is no audience. 
The afternoon is dedicated to monologue and scene work. You will work on one monologue and one scene with a partner. The texts are chosen by Robert Castle according to the needs and desires you have expressed before the workshop and sent about one week prior. Though you will find Mr.Castle to be a very demanding director, the scenes are a ground of experimentation, free from result expectations.

Robert Castle

Robert Castle began his career as an actor, studying with Lee Strasberg and Peggy Feury and working with well-known artists such as Sean Penn, Jeff Goldblum and Jane Fonda. He taught at the State University of New York, UCLA and the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute before co-founding with Alejandra Orozco International Theatre New York. 
His technique, which integrates Stanislavski and Strasberg’s practices as well as personally developed exercises, has made him the most sought-after instructor at the Lee Strasberg Institute. He now travels and leads acting workshops and master classes all around the world, which have become very popular among the professional acting community. 
He is also a director and has won many awards including the Best Director and Best Play of the Year Awards in Brazil for his production The Diary of Anne Frank in 2010. The leading actor and actress were also nominated.

Practical information

Who: The workshop is open to actors and performers from other disciplines. Places are limited to 16. 
When: 10 days from June 11th to 22nd, Monday to Friday, 10am – 5pm 
Where: Carthago Delenda Est, rue Sylvain Denayer, 51 – 1070 Bruxelles 
Price : 870 € 
You will need to rehearse with your partner after the workshop hours and during the weekend. Please consider whether you have enough free time.
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