ITG: Woman and Scarecrow (12, 13, 17 Sept)

The ITG is delighted to bring this recent (2006) work by Marina Carr to audiences in Brussels in February 2018. Before that however, we need a cast…
At a critical time in her life, a sick mother reviews her life decisions and her lost potential. Did it have to be like this?

Jody Quirke, the director of this production, will lead a read-through of Woman and Scarecrow at The Warehouse on Wednesday 6th September 19:30.  Attendance is not required, but do come along whether you plan to audition or not.


Tues 12th Sept 20:00

Wed 13th Sept 20:00

Sunday 17th Sept 16:00

Characters (age of characters is provided below, but actors are not expected to be [or look!] those ages. Come along and audition!) :

  • Woman- 50s or early 60s
  • Man (Her Husband)- 50s or early 60s
  • Scarecrow- could be either gender- 50s or early 60s
  • Woman (Aunt) – 70s or early 80s

Auditions will be held at The Warehouse
73 rue Waelhem, 1030 Schaerbeek

Please let us know ( if you would like to audition but cannot attend on any of the dates/ times scheduled.