ETC: Hamlet unplugged (15-19 March ’11)

 ETCetera  Presents: Hamlet Unplugged



Hamlet is the supreme character in the finest play by the greatest playwright we have. He struts, frets, worries, jokes, abuses, roars, feigns madness, goes crazy, kills and finally is killed. All this because his mother married his uncle. So what if 4 different actors play Hamlet’s psychological unravelling and we simply hit the delete button on all other characters. See Hamlet struggle unaided with his demons in German, Swedish, Spanish, French and English. Surtitles in English & French

The Studio Theatre, Rue Waelhem 69A, 1030 Brussels. 

15 to 19 March 2011 – 8pmTickets €15 (€13 Members/Groups/65+)