ETCetera: 2 Grimm plays (19, 22 April 2017)

ETCetera is putting on 2 plays loosely based on Grimm’s fairy tales in the last week of October 2017; theatre Le Foyer (upstairs at Centre Culturel d’Auderghem): please note these plays are not for children!

  • Snow: a play in 3 short acts, with parts in English, German, and possibly Spanish: Director: Diana Cardona Gomez
  • Etre le loup: in French: Director Christine Marchand .

We are holding auditions for both plays on Wed 19th April at 20.00 and Saturday 22nd April at 11.00. Address: 81 boulevard Louis Schmidt, 1040 Brussels

Please let us know by mail if you are interested, and to which audition you can come; if you are interested but cannot come to either audition, please let us know and we will find another opportunity to meet.

Email: or call Peter Willis at 0475 420 647

Play 1: “Snow”: by Jennifer Williams

Act 1: English speaking:

  • Queen: female 30-40.
  • King: male 50-70
  • Snow White 1: young girl 12-14
  • Snow White 2: female 17- 30
  • New Queen: female 30-50

Act 2: German speaking:

  • Frauen 1 und 2: females: 30-80
  • Dwarves (singing offstage in German)
  • Snow White 2: female 17- 30

Act 3: English speaking or possibly Spanish speaking

  • Prince: man 17-30
  • Snow White 2: female 17- 30
  • Queen Mother: female 40-50
  • Servant: male or female 50-90

This is a modern take on the Snow White story, originally written as an opera libretto, with incidental music. However you don’t need to be a singer.

If you want to contact the Director, please email

Play 2 : « Etre le loup »: de Bettina Wegenast

Francophone :

Pour la partie francophone du spectacle, nous recherchons 4 acteurs pour la pièce “Etre le loup”.

Les rôles sont les suivants: (âge 25 à 40)

  • LOCKE (H) – un petit mouton qui devient le chasseur (âge 25 à 40)
  • KALLE (H) – un grand mouton qui devient le loup (âge 25 à 45)
  • NAIN (H ou F) – directeur/directrice d’une agence d’interim (âge 40 à 60)
  • RENEE (F) – petite brebis (âge 20 à 30)


Ce conte moderne, inspiré de Grimm, manie ironie et légèreté pour démontrer que l’habit peut faire le moine… avec plus ou moins de succès !

Si vous souhaitez d’autres informations, contactez le metteur en scène, Christine Marchand par courriel: