The 2017-2018 Season

ITG: Woman and Scarecrow (27 Feb – 3rd Mar 2018)

By Marina Carr

ALL performances are now SOLD OUT : Waiting list now in operation. Please send email to itg.asbl@gmail.com stating your preferred date(s) and number of tickets. In addition, if tickets become available (due to cancellation), and if there is no one on the waiting list for that performance, then you will be able to book them via the link below… so do check.

At a critical time in her life, a woman is forced to confront her life choices. Visions of what might have been, what should have been, what wasn’t.

Did things have to be this way?

In this honest and hard-hitting lament to lost potential, there is nowhere left to hide. Jody Quirke brings Marina Carr’s brilliant, original and thought-provoking play to life.

Performance starts at 8pm.

Tues 27th Feb to Sat 3rd March 2018 at The Warehouse Studio Theatre.

Tickets : €16

ETCetera: Auditions

ETCetera: Auditions: 2 short plays based on brothers Grimm (April 19th, 22nd)

2 plays loosely based on Grimm’s fairy tales in the last week of October 2017; theatre Le Foyer (upstairs at Centre Culturel d’Auderghem): please note these plays are not for children!
• Snow: a play in 3 short acts, with parts in English, German, and possibly Spanish: Director: Diana Cardona Gomez
• Etre le loup: in French: Director Christine Marchand

Auditions for both plays on Wed 19th April at 20.00 and Saturday 22nd April at 11.00: 81 boulevard Louis Schmidt, 1040 Brussels.
Please let us know by mail if you are interested, and to which audition you can come; if you are interested but cannot come to either audition, please let us know and we will find another opportunity to meet.

Email: info.etcetera@gmail.com or call Peter Willis at 0475 420 647
Play 1: “Snow”: by Jennifer Williams
Part 1: English speaking:
• Queen: female 30-40.
• King: male 50-70
• Snow White 1: young girl 12-14
• Snow White 2: female 17- 30
• New Queen: female 30-50
Part 2: German speaking:
• Frauen 1 und 2: females: 30-80
• Dwarves (singing offstage in German)
• Snow White 2: female 17- 30
Part 3: English speaking or possibly Spanish speaking
• Prince: man 17-30
• Snow White 2: female 17- 30
• Queen Mother: female 40-50
• Servant: male or female 50-90

This is a modern take on the Snow White story, originally written as an opera libretto, with incidental music. However you don’t need to be a singer.
If you want to contact the Director, please email diana.teatro@live.de

Play 2 : « Etre le loup »: de Bettina Wegenast

Francophone :

Pour la partie francophone du spectacle, nous recherchons 4 acteurs pour la pièce “Etre le loup”.
Les rôles sont les suivants: (âge 25 à 40)
• LOCKE (H) – un petit mouton qui devient le chasseur (âge 25 à 40)
• KALLE (H) – un grand mouton qui devient le loup (âge 25 à 45)
• NAIN (H ou F) – directeur/directrice d’une agence d’interim (âge 40 à 60)
• RENEE (F) – petite brebis (âge 20 à 30)

Ce conte moderne, inspiré de Grimm, manie ironie et légèreté pour démontrer que l’habit peut faire le moine… avec plus ou moins de succès !
Si vous souhaitez d’autres informations, contactez le metteur en scène, Christine Marchand par courriel: xine.marchand@gmail.com