The 2007-2008 Season

Some Blue Horizon (3-7 June 2008)

Liz has a problem – her credit cards bills get delivered personally by a bailiff; Elizabeth has a problem – she wants to stop her PhD and leave college; Dearbhal has a problem – it isn’t easy after all being a single mother, sexy – and an evangelical Christian. But all the problems fade into insignificance beside Brian’s – global warming, drought in Africa, tidal waves and special collapse. But what if getting to grips with his problems just makes everyone else’s immeasurably worse? Some Blue Horizon is a bitter, funny glance at what might happen if someone really took their fears in hand and did something about them.

Andrew McIlroy has adapted and directed many plays in Brussels, most notably Three Sisters, Hedda Gabler and Tartoof! (after Molière). He recently won a Channel Four Radio Play Award with ‘The Interpreter’ ; his short stories have been short listed for the prestigious Bridport Prize and the F.E. MacManus Short Story Award. 

What Happened Here (20-21 June ’08)

The Brussels Shakespeare Society
cordially invites you to celebrate Midsummer
with the presentation of their 2008 FEATS Entry

“What Happened Here –
A Retelling of King Lear”

Friday 20 June & Saturday 21 June at 8pm

De Kam Cultural Centre, Beekstraat 172 -1970 Wezembeek-Oppem

followed by a buffet supper

Regular:  €20 – BSS Members:  €18

This is an original script by Stuart Delves, the author of “The Real Lady Macbeth”: FEATs winner 2006.  It tells the story of King Lear and his three daughters, with the parallel story of Gloucester and his sons, set in the year 2020 and with the ozone hanging on by a thread.  In the tradition of popular culture Lear decides to divide his kingdom on reality television.  The paths of love, betrayal, greed and power are considered, and human foolishness and the consequences of fatal flaws are exposed.
The BSS congratulates Caraigh McGregor on winning – for the third time in a row!! –
 the FEATS 2008 Blackie Award for Best Actor

in his role as Edmund in this production