ETC: Antigone (25-29 June 2013)

25 – 29 June 2013 at 20:00 / Matinée on 29 June at 14:00 
Petite salle du Théâtre Varia, 154 Rue Gray, 1050 Bruxelles 
Tickets €16 / Students €13 / 
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The Theban Trilogy: When King Oedipus finally learns the truth about his identity and realizes that he has killed his father and married his mother, he responds by cutting his eyes out and going into exile. His wanderings lead him to Colonus, where he dies, leaving behind the tragic legacy of a cursed bloodline: two sons and two daughters whose fates are doomed. 
Antigone is the final part of what is commonly referred to as Sophocles’ trilogy of Theban plays. The events of the play begin on the morning after the deaths of Oedipus’ sons, Polyneices and Eteocles, who kill each other in battle, one defending, the other attacking Thebes. King Creon, the city’s new leader, decrees that no one is to bury the corpse of Polyneices, who is declared a traitor to Thebes, on pain of death. Antigone chooses to take a stand against what she perceives to be unjust, and break the city’s law by burying her brother. This is a defiant and criminal act. But it is an act of self-sacrificing courage that still echoes in the heroes of today. 
Expect an evening full of atmosphere, music and ancient messages that have been passed down the generations to warn audiences about the dangers of power, pride and ignorance.
Near Place Jourdan, closest Metro Schuman or Maelbeek
(Please do not park in the Lidl car park)

ETC: Buonaparte (5-9 Nov 2013)

ETCetera asbl has the pleasure of presenting a new event in November 2013: “Buonaparte: rise and fall”, an evening of two plays about the famous historical figure, at moments when he was not yet, or was not any longer, the Emperor of France.

The evening includes two plays about Napoleon:

  • “Man of Destiny” by Bernard Shaw, performed in English, with French surtitles.
  • “La Dernière Salve” by Jean-Claude Brisville, performed in French, with English surtitles.

Both plays put up hypothetical relationships, some based on truth, with argument and humour, against which Napoleon the man emerges from Napoleon the myth.

The performances will take place from 5-9 November 2013 in the Warehouse Studio Theatre, rue Waelhem 69a, 1030 Schaerbeek, at 20.00.

“Man of Destiny” is directed by Hugh Dow, “La Dernière Salve” by Marc Léotard, both experienced Brussels-based theatre directors and actors.

For further information, please contact

Tickets available here or by phone on 0493 072438.

ETC: Don Juan (24, 27, 29 April 2014)

Auditions for: Don Juan

ETCetera asbl, who puts on plays in different languages (with surtitles), such as Becket, Hamlet Unplugged, An Evening with Strindberg etc., is putting on a production from Nov 4th-9th 2014 at the Warehouse Studio with the title “Don Juan – a European myth”.

This time the evening will be composed of fragments of 3 works making up the life of the famous hero/anti-hero Don Juan, as seen by Molière, Tirso de Molina, and Pushkin (as well as Mozart). The parts will be played in English, or in Russian and Spanish with surtitles in English.

We are looking for:

  • youngish female actors (20-35) able to perform in English or in Russian, and
  • less young male actors (30-60) able to perform in English, in Spanish or in Russian

Auditions will take place:

  • Thursday 24th April at 19.30
  • Sunday 27th April at 18.00
  • Tuesday 29th April at 19.30

… at 81 Boulevard Louis Schmidt, 1040 Brussels: metro and tram stop Pétillon.

Please inform us in advance if you are coming.

0493 072 438 or 0475  420 647

Peter Willis, Teresa Perez Roca, Mar Martin ETCetera

ETC: Don Juan… and the Stone Guest (4-9 Nov 2014)

This is the tragi-comic life of Don Juan, told as a continuous story through excerpts of the plays of 3 European dramatists:

Dom Juan by Molière, a comedy in a modern English translation by Neil Bartlett, with surtitles in French: directed by Michelle Ryan

The Stone Guest by Pushkin, a romance performed in Russian, with surtitles in English, directed by Christine Marchand

El burlador de Sevilla by Tirso de Molina, a drama performed in Spanish, with surtitles in English, directed by Diana Cardona

At the start, Don Juan commits a terrible crime, which comes back to haunt him at the end ; but not before he has seduced several women, forcefully expressed his shocking views on life, been chased into exile, shown courage in the face of danger, and generally driven his companion (called Sganarelle, Leporello, or Catalinon according to the play) to despair.

The Warehouse Studio Theatre, rue Waelhem 69A, 1030 Schaerbeek.
4th-8th November 2014 at 20.00, 9th November at
Tickets €15 (€11 for 10 tickets or more): or Tel : 0493 07 24 38

ETC: Amour et Musique (11-14 Nov 2015)

Act 1: “AMOUR ET PIANO”, a one act farce by Georges Feydeau, performed in English, with surtitles in French. Director Hugh Dow. The play hinges on an important misunderstanding between a feisty young woman and a pushy young man, and things go downhill from there…

Act 2: “MR CHOUFLEURI RESTERA CHEZ LUI LE.. .. .. “, a one act comic opera by Jacques Offenbach, performed in French, with surtitles in English. Stage Director Anna Holmén, Music Director Elizabeth Flynn. This small gem of a piece tells the tale of a young couple caught up in her father’s ambition to put on a musical evening to show off to his friends, and what happens when it starts going wrong…

Théâtre Le Petit Varia, rue Gray 154, 1050 Ixelles.
11th-14th November 2015 at 20.00.

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Tickets €16 (€14 for 10 tickets or more): 
Tel: 0479 687 503