Hamlet Brick

It’s easy to have an idea, in this case “let’s have a BBQ/Fete as part of the Warehouse Fundraising Project”.  The reality only comes about because a lot of people put in a lot of work to make things happen.  Blannaid Naghten and Colma O’Luanaigh organised the day for us and many others baked, cooked, prepared food and donated prizes and saleable goods.  A donkey was drawn, a treasure map painted, a bottle stall wheel made, the buzz-buzz game created…  All we needed was great weather and for lots of people to turn up.

Well, we had both. The BBQers, drink sellers and small army of stall holders were kept busy all afternoon with about 150 people coming through the gates that afternoon.  Also, huge thanks to those who topped and tailed our day by setting up and clearing away.

The aim had been to bring together a group of people who were prepared to give time and money to a common cause, the Warehouse.  It ended up being far more than that, with people catching up with friends they hadn’t seen for a while, a chance to sit in the sun and eat together, have fun playing games and spend time browsing through books.

It was a lovely way to kick-start the campaign.

Thank you all!