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ECC: Dick Whittington (18, 27, 28 June)

The ECC is auditioning for its January 2016 Pantomime, Dick Whittington and his Magical Cat, which will be taking place at the Auderghem Cultural Centre from 8-10 January 2016.

Auditions will be held at The Warehouse Studio Theatre, Rue Waelhem 69a, 1030 Schaerbeek on:

  • Thursday 18 June 8-10pm
  • Saturday 27 June 11am-1pm
  • Sunday 28 June 2-4pm

There are speaking and chorus parts for both adults and children, so come along and enjoy the fun. You don’t need to prepare anything in advance for the auditions.

For further information email

BUTT Awards 2015

The season is sadly over, but this is an ideal time to celebrate the season with the 8th Annual Brussels United Theatre Technicians (BUTT) awards for the best of Brussels and Antwerp English-language theatre.

The results of the 2014-2015 Butt awards are as follows (winner followed by nominations in vaguely alphabetical order):
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ITG: Quietly (7, 9, 17 Sept 2014)

Quietly is a powerful story of violence and forgiveness by Belfast writer Owen McCafferty
Auditions for the ITG March 2015 production will be held at the Warehouse, 73 rue Waelhem, 1030 Schaerbeek on:

  • Sunday Sept 7th at 3pm
  • Tuesday Sept 9th at 8pm
  • Wednesday Sept17th at 8pm

Jimmy and Ian are both Belfast men who have arranged to meet for the first time to talk about the events of a day in 1974 when they were both 16
Robert is the Polish barman in the Pub where they meet.

For further information please contact the director Lyn Wainwright on 0475 656 851

Green Parrot: Peter Pan (14 Sept – 8 Oct)

Green Parrot is auditioning for its 2016 performance of Peter Pan the Musical, which will be taking place at the Woluwe Cultural Centre from 17-20 March (six shows).

Auditions will be held at Ter Ijse, Stationstraat 8, 3090 Overijse (2nd floor).

Auditions are open to anyone and no preparation is necessary.

We are looking for a cast of 130 including 10 adult principals and 10 teen/child principals. There are also lots of chorus parts for both adults and children, so come along and enjoy the fun.

For further information visit the audition notice on our website

ITG: Getting to Here (17,21 Oct)

Auditions 17/10 + 21/10

Our Spring 2016 production is Getting to Here by Lisa Ní Laoire.

This is a new piece of writing for the ITG where, from very personal perspectives, we look back over some of the key events of the 100 years which separate us from Easter 1916.

Casting both a cold eye and a tender eye on Ireland…more accurately, lending an ear to the histories and herstories of how we got to where we are now.

We use the voices of Ireland to recount the personal tales which, taken together, tell us something truthful about the short but poignant history since the proclamation of the Irish Republic a century ago.

With story-telling, audio-visual flash-backs and theatre, we explore and preserve some of the more notable transitions in Irish history.

We take a look at where we are now and how we got here.


Auditions will be held:

Sat 17th October 2-5pm @ The Warehouse 
(please plan to attend for the full session)

Wed 21st October 7:30-10pm @ The Warehouse 
(please plan to attend for the full session)

Rehearsals will begin in November and will vary from one to two weekday evenings and one weekend afternoon.

The production run of Getting to Here is scheduled for 12-16 April 2016

Please send any questions you might have to


Narrator (Male/Female) 30 – 40:
Articulate, confident and charismatic. Has strong stage presence. An all-rounder.

Teacher (Male) 30 – 45:
Erratic, wild, miserable  and a touch eccentric. He can’t understand why he became a teacher, which is reflected in his every action.

Student (Female) 23 – 35:
Confident, loud and slightly disturbed. Has experienced too much, too soon without much adult nurturing and as a result has become inconsistent in her speech and defensive about everything.

Church keeper (Female) 48 – 65:
Solemn, reflective and strong willed. Well composed and unshaken by others.

Mother (Female) 55 -65:
Contrary, sarcastic and always right. She is unintentionally funny and often out of touch with anything her children or husband are saying.

Father (Male): 55-65:
Grumpy, defensive and argumentative. He is usually lost as to what is going on and ends up as the butt of every joke.

Daughter (Female): 25-35:
Solid character with a strong personality but often quiet. Has had to fight for her voice to be heard.

Son (Male): 25 – 35:
Class clown and a mammy’s boy. Though generally playful and upbeat he has a dark secret.

Politician 40 – 65 (Male):
Over the top, arrogant and sleazy. BIG personality. Always appears to be shouting when he’s talking. A smile permanently painted on his face

Beauty Queen (Female) 25 – 45:
Diverse role to play with buckets of personality. Extremely extroverted, loves to be the centre of attention.