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BLOC: Evita (28 Nov – 1 Dec 2013)

In the 1970s Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber combined in the writing of Evita, a rock opera based on the life of the iconic Eva Peron, wife of the Argentinian President, Juan Peron. It proved to be their most successful and thoughtful collaboration with music spanning latin-american, liturgical, rock and ballads. The opera follows the story of the feisty and illegitimate Eva who, at the age of fifteen journeyed from Junin to Buenos Aires and found her way into the tricky world of the capital’s theatre, film and radio. She eventually meets Juan Peron, the most popular military man of the time and marries him. He becomes President and together they establish a regime at once socialist and totalitarian. Her power, her popularity and her vanity are short-lived. Tragically she dies of cancer at the age of thirty-three.

Brussels Light Opera Company will present Evita at the Auderghem Cultural Centre from 28 November till 1 December.

Details at

ATC Improv: The Anniversary Show (18 Jan 2014)

The Warehouse Studio Theatre
Tickets: 10 euros, at the door

ATC Improv is 1 year old! We will be celebrating with a smorgasboard of improv games and special guest performers…
The Ghost Sheep will be making their first foray into longform improv with a format called The Motel, a show where every scene takes place in – you guessed it – a motel room!

There will also be plenty of special guests, including Neil Curran, founder of Improv Fest Ireland, who will be taking audience participation to another level in his show, ‘Neil + 1’.
Last but not least, a birthday would not be a birthday without cake, so stick around after the show and celebrate with us!

BLOC: Evita auditions

The Brussels Light Opera Company will be presenting the Tim Rice/Andrew Lloyd-Webber musical “EVITA” at the Auderghem Cultural Centre theatre between the 28th November and the 1st December 2013.  It will be performed in English.  This will be a very challenging show for all concerned.  It is sung throughout; there is hardly any dialogue.  The dancing will be very, very basic Tango/Samba style; nothing balletic.

SOLOISTS – There are five main soloist parts, those of

Eva Duarte/Peron


historic age-range 15-33, movement and acting ability very important

Che (not Geuvara)


vigorous youngish man, acting ability very important



Tenor or High Baritone – age 50-ish, upright and dignified



youngish to middle-aged tango singer



historic age 16


Solo Part

Audition Piece/s


Buenos Aires, Don’t Cry For Me Argentina, Waltz for Eva & Che


And The Money Kept Rolling In, Waltz for Eva & Che


She’s A Diamond


On This Night Of A Thousand Stars


Another Suitcase In Another Hall

CHORUS       -In particular, men are needed.  Chorus members will be required to perform different roles and some fast costume changes are foreseen.  Ensembles within the Chorus will be chosen during the chorus auditions to depict:-

Chorus Sub-Groups


Eva’s family

Mother, Brother, Three Sisters

President and four Military in Act One,

need confident voices very little or no dance required (Chorus in Act Two),

5 Ministers, Officials, Diplomats, Officers

need confident voices (Chorus in Act One)

Aristocrats (SATB group)

to be selected from Chorus, at chorus audition.


The following is the schedule for its introduction and for auditions at the De Kam Cultural Centre, Beekstraat 172, 1970 Wezembeek-Oppem.:-




Introductory Evening

Tuesday 4th June

Grote Zaal

Soloist Audition Run-Throughs

Monday 10th June

Witte Zaal

Chorus Audition Run-Throughs

Tuesday 11th June

Grote Zaal

Soloist Auditions

Sunday 16th June

Grote Zaal

Dance Movement workshop

Sunday 16th June

Paarse Zaal??

Soloist Call-Backs

Monday 17th June

Paarse Zaal

Chorus Auditions

Tuesday 18th June

Grote Zaal

For those interested, auditions will be in June.  Further details of audition pieces, applications and dates will be given shortly on the BLOC web site

ATC: Ghost Sheep Improv Musical (21 July 2014)

ATC Improv presents: The Ghost Sheep: The Musical!
July 21, 8pm (5 euro entry)
Le Cercle des Voyageurs (in ‘Les Caves’)
18, Rue des Grands Carmes (50 metres from the Manekken Pis)

What better way to celebrate Belgium’s National Day than by joining us with your wonderful imagination? Be sure to stick around after the show for celebratory drinks- whether you’re Belgian or not!Remember how we said that our June show was the last one before the summer break? We lied. We will have one last performance, on Belgium’s national day, no less!

Since the hideously talented Sacha Hoedemaker is visiting Brussels to give musical improv workshops for ATC Improv, we decided it would be a crying shame NOT to do a musical performance with him and go out with a bang.So join us at ‘Les Caves’ (basement) of Le Cercle des Voyageurs (Lievevrouwbroersstraat 18, 1000 Brussels) with your suggestions so that we may perform for a musical that’s never been written!Tickets cost 5 euro and be sure to stick around for celebratory drinks, whether you’re Belgian or not!